How to import binary files correctly?

CVS faces two general issues in storing binary files:

  • CVS converts line endings between the canonical form in which they are stored in the repository (linefeed only)
  • the form appropriate to the operating system in use on the client (carriage return followed by line feed for Windows platform)

By default cvs import treats all files as textual thus importing binary files without any special arguments or setting a cvswrappers file in the CVSROOT directory of CVS repository can cause such files to be corrupted. Therefore it's highly recommended to set up a cvswrappers file to store required file pattern names as binary:

#the content of cvswrappers file - cvs import will treat all jar, zip and tar files as binary
*.jar -k 'b'
*.zip -k 'b'
*.tar -k 'b'

Applies to: NetBeans 5.x and later

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