How can Localizers determine which UI Strings are in which file?

Start the IDE from the terminal with the following command-line switch to get information about which string comes from which properties file:

netbeans.exe -J-Dorg.openide.util.NbBundle.DEBUG=true --userdir ~/testuserdir

When you run the IDE with this switch, all display text (menus, dialogs, buttons) will be appended with IDs, such as (173:25). Look in the terminal window where you started the IDE, and you will see lots of output. Identify the output line containing the first part of the ID number (in this example, 173) to learn which resource bundle contains the string you are looking for:

NbBundle trace: #173 = org/netbeans/modules/xml/core/Bundle.properties

The second number (in this example, 25) tells you the line number inside this file where the string is defined.

To obtain the actual path to the file in the IDE sources, you need to prepend the module name. Usually the module name is the same as the directory names after the modules node. In this example, the module name is xml/core/, and the full path to the bundle file is:

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