I have read the FAQ but it seems to be a new bug. Where do I report it?

Example Case:

"My script really does not work inside NetBeans, and it does from the command line. What is wrong?"

In most cases where this is asked, the user's script is doing something that depends on a coincidental aspect of the environment, especially the classpath, and so is fragile (it could break in other embedded environments too).

But sometimes NetBeans' integration is at fault, and then you should file an issue report.

General Answer

Please log on to netbeans.org and file a bug against the respective module describing the problem. In our example you would file the bug in the category "Ant > Code". Assigning the issue to the right category will speed up the process; but don't worry if you are not certain, someone will reassign it to the right category.

Your bug report is much more likely to be taken seriously - and fixed quickly - if you can provide a complete list of steps to reproduce the problem that anyone could follow:

  • what exactly you intend to do;
  • information on what version of NetBeans and which plugins you are using;
  • a copy of your custom build script (ideally a minimal script that shows the problem);
  • any data files needed by the script (again just enough to show the problem);
  • description of what to do to reproduce the bug;
  • any output that appears.

Additionally, please run NetBeans with the following command-line option: -J-Dorg.apache.tools.ant.module.level=0 and attach a copy of your ${userdir}/var/log/messages.log file to the bug, as this may contain valuable debugging information.

Your help is appreciated!

Applies to: NetBeans 4.0 and later

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