My entity includes do not work. I just get a red "X" on the build script.

If you are using

<!ENTITY common SYSTEM "file:../../build-common.xml">

then this syntax is incorrect - the path given will be resolved relative to the current working directory of the IDE, which is usually ${netbeans.home}/bin, surely not what you want. Just make this into a proper relative URI, resolved relative to the URL of the containing XML file:

<!ENTITY common SYSTEM "../../build-common.xml">

or in rare cases, an absolute URI:

<!ENTITY common SYSTEM "file:/home/me/build/build-common.xml">

(Ant 1.7 will warn about this mistake.)

If you can, replace the entity include with an import statement, which is much cleaner and more powerful, and better supported by NetBeans:

<import file="../../build-common.xml"/>

Applies to: NetBeans 4.0 and later

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