Use Binaries from Maven Central

Since Apache NetBeans 9.0 we can download external binaries from Maven. Just place the gradle like co-ordinates into the external/binaries-list files. Examples:

Only when they are not present, read further:

External binaries (*/external/*.jar etc.) are no longer handled specially by Mercurial ( HgExternalBinaries); rather, lists of the desired binaries are kept as regular text files, and the download of the binaries from the server (or your local cache) is done by an Ant task which is part of the build.

For people not managing external binaries, the change should be transparent: just fetch and run a build normally.

To add or upgrade a new binary, you will need to first upload the binary to the server using a web form:


(log in with the same username & password you use to push to Hg) and then edit your external/binaries-list file to include the one-line reference to the binary. Commit and push this change normally after testing. (It is harmless to upload a binary but not use it.) To remove a binary, just delete its entry in binaries-list.

Binaries are downloaded from http://hg.netbeans.org/binaries/ (can be overridden as binaries.server in nbbuild/user.build.properties or on the Ant command line). They are cached in ~/.hgexternalcache (again can be overridden as binaries.cache).

When nbbuild/build.xml#download-all-extbins is run, all */external/binaries-list (also in contrib, if present) are checked for new downloads. When yourmodule/build.xml#build-init is run, just yourmodule/external/binaries-list is checked. When a given module cluster configuration is built, just binaries needed for those sources are checked.

Tracking: Issue 141817

For information on policies related to external binaries (naming, licensing, ...), see DevFaqExternalLibraries.

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