For NativeEclipseProjects and AutomaticProjects.

Big Resin app

Quite large app using Resin (some thousands of sources). Includes some JSPs but mostly Java source spread across several source roots. Ant script in build/build.xml (not top level).

Nontrivial code generation. Code generated to gensrc, compiled to classes, then src compiled to classes also with classes in classpath.

Development-mode "run" is a <java> task calling Resin with some args. Eclipse users expected to set up an analogous run profile manually. Also has a debug target - launches app under JPDA using fixed port. Would like to use NB Profiler on this target.

Some unit tests, but mostly functional tests. These are generally run from the browser, so IDE not involved in running.

Autoproject detection: found all source roots (incl. generated sources). One real compilation error due to JDK 7 javac bug. Some bogus errors marked but then disappeared later.

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