See Enhanced Configuration Of NB RCP Projects page for overview and discussion.


Implemented mostly according to Jesse's proposal about cluster.path property, which contains list of absolute or relative paths to clusters (in classpath notation) with "available" modules which modules from project can depend on. List of clusters is then used to run the platform/application.

TBD if and which targets will be run on depended upon suite and module clusters. Probably at least build should be invoked if cluster does not exist. TODO what happens when depended upon modules have different (broader) cluster path than current project.

Cluster path more replaces some properties and changes meaning of others:

  • cluster.path - contains list of absolute or relative paths to clusters (in classpath notation) available for module sharing; must contain platform cluster; can contain reference to ${nbplatform.active}, see transformations in build-impl.xml below
  • nbplatform.active - retained for convenient switching between platforms from UI, see below
  • enabled.clusters - not used anymore, if present, translated to cluster.path in build-impl.xml for backward compatibility
  • netbeans.dest.dir - not used anymore, replaced by cluster.path directly; file searches under n.d.d are replaced with searches through clusters in cluster.path using custom task pathfileset
  • harness.dir - still used, can be defined explicitly; if not defined, default path is ../harness, relative to platform cluster in cluster.path
  • install, run.app.... - used to locate launchers in run.xml; set to ../bin or lib/nbexec paths respectively, relative to platform cluster in cluster.path
Changes to
  • Cluster.path can contain ${nbplatform.active} as path prefix, which is translated to absolute to platform.
  • Paths to numbered platform clusters (e.g. platform9, ide10, etc.) are checked for existence. If a dir does not exist, the one with different number is searched for and replaced in cluster.path if found.
  • Cluster.path is checked for presence of platform cluster.
  • definition of harness.dir is changed, definition of netbeans.dest.dir is removed as described earlier.

Implementation of IDE

UI spec here.


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