Here is list of possible regressions of ejb-jar.xml editor in ddloaders module in NetBeans 6.0 according to current state of the module. Please note that most of the generation functionality should be still available either from logical view or from Java editor popup menu. Only EJB 2.1 functionality is affected.

Common to all EJBs:

1. ejb-jar.xml -> General -> Enterprise Beans -> <EJB> -> Enterprise Bean Implementation and Interfaces - remove interfaces checkboxes (not possible to remove particular interface from EJB) - remove 'Move Class' and 'Rename Class' buttons (should be self-explaining)

2. ejb-jar-xml -> General -> Enterprise Beans -> <EJB> -> Bean Environment -> Enterprise Bean References - remove 'Add' and 'Edit' button (not possible to 'Call EJB' from visual editor)

3. ejb-jar-xml -> CMP Relationships - remove 'Add' and 'Edit' button (not possible to add relationship)

Specific to CMP:

4. ejb-jar-xml -> General -> Enterprise Beans -> <EJB> - remove 'CMP Fields' (not possible to add, edit, remove CMP fields) - remove 'CMP Finder Methods' (not possible to add, edit, remove CMP finder methods) - remove 'CMP Select Methods' (not possible to add, edit, remove CMP select methods)

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