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NetBeans Educational Resources

This page is a community-driven list of all the resources available for teachers that want to use NetBeans in the classroom. Help us fill out the list by going to the NetBeans Educational Community page!

Learning Java - Resources New to programming with Java technologies? The NetBeans IDE is a tool that makes software development easier. In this document, the NetBeans community has gathered resources to help you get started with Java Technology.
Free Introductory Materials for the NetBeans Platform A great set of introductory NetBeans Platform documentation by NetBeans Platform community member Volker Rautenberg.
Sun Campus Ambassador Presentations The Sun Campus Ambassadors give these NetBeans-based presentations on various technologies at universities around the world. Feel free to take them and incorporate them into your lessons.
NetBeans World Tour Presentation These are the presentations that the NetBeans Evangelism team uses to show how to use NetBeans to code different types of apps. Many of them illustrate the key concepts behind applications and are a good starting point for courses on those topics. If you do expand a presentation, make sure you share your work with the community!
File:University-Netbeans EduResources.pdf A NetBeans flyer for universities, print it and hand it out to your students.
NetBeans Platform Certified Programmer Course Introduction to the NetBeans Platform, covering all the main principles, with homework exercises and tasks. At the end, if the homework is of sufficient quality, the student becomes a NetBeans Certified Engineer. Typically, this course would be delivered to institutions/colleges/universities/groups.
JavaPassion Training Classes JavaPassion is a great site that provides free NetBeans-based training classes on a wide variety of technologies such as Java, Dynamic Languages, and Web 2.0. The course materials are free to use for non-profit organizations (schools, colleges, JUGs, etc)!
Teach Java in Russian Many Russian presentation slides for Java courses, from the absolute basics to using NetBeans IDE and extending it with your own modules.
Teach Java in Chinese Chinese presentation slides for Java SE 5 and Java SE 6 presentations.
JEDI (Java Education & Development Initiative) JEDI is a collaborative project that aims to make high-quality, industry-endorsed IT and Computer Science course material available for free.
JENI (Java Education Network Indonesia) JENI is a collaborative project spun out from JEDI, specifically for Indonesian teaching materials.
New to Java Programming Center — Young Developers Programming isn't just for adults any longer. Young people are learning programming languages from the earliest ages and up. These tools and web sites teach young people how to program using the Java programming language, as well as languages developed for ease of use.
NetBeans Platform Presentations Presentations that have stood the test of time, with contributions from community members, focusing specifically on the NetBeans Platform and everything that it offers, as well as comparisons to Eclipse RCP.
NetBeans tutorials has a wealth of free tutorials on Java, Dynamic Languages, and C/C++, that can be adapted as classroom exercises.
NetBeans Video Tutorials has a wealth of screencasts and video tutorials that can be adapted as classroom exercises.
NetBeans Books A list of books about NetBeans and using NetBeans, in various languages.
Free Java teaching Resources DevelopIntelligence has a number of free presentations that can be used to help teach Java and NetBeans in the classroom.
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