NetBeans Educational Locations

This page is a community-driven list of locations where NetBeans IDE is used in the classroom, in one way or another. Add your institution to the list:

Country Instituion Notes (contact people & links to evidence of NetBeans usage) News/Status
Australia CQ University Ken Fakamuria 04/28/14: Trying to find his contact details.
Austria Johannes Kepler University
Belgium Hogent
Canada Sheridan College, Toronto Wendi Jollymore 08/19/13: Contact established. Use NB for Java and also JS, PHP, etc. 04/28/14 last contact. Would be good to get article on '5 favorite features'.
Canada Concordia University, Montreal Ken Fogel 04/28/14: New article:
Czech Republic University of West Bohemia, Pilsen
Czech Republic Czech Technical University, Prague
Czech Republic Masaryk University, Brno
Czech Republic Charles University, Prague
Denmark University of Southern Denmark, Odense
Finland Finland University
Germany RWTH Aachen University Jens Hofschröer
Germany Bielefeld University Nils Hoffmann and Lukas Jelonek
Germany Braunschweig University Henning Krüp
Germany Bonn University
Germany Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg Simon Zehnder, Catarina Henke
Germany Fachhochschule Osnabrück, Lingen
Germany Rosenheim Johannes Weigend
Germany Ulm University Guido de Melo
Germany Ulm University Guido de Melo
Germany Weihenstephan University, Freising Michael Krappmann
India Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
Ireland University of Ulster Phillip Hartin & Professor Chris Nugent 04/30 re-establishing contact from 03/11/13
Israel Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Netherlands Fontijs Venlo
Netherlands Minkema College
Netherlands Hanzehogeschool Groningen
Netherlands Hogeschool van Amsterdam
Netherlands Hogeschool van Rotterdam
Netherlands Technical University Delft
Netherlands Vrijeuniversiteit Amsterdam
Netherlands Wageningen University
Saudi Arabia King Faisal University
Serbia University of Belgrade
Singapore National University of Singapore Chuk Munn Lee 04/30/14 last contact. Working together on '5 favorite features'.
Switzerland University of Fribourg Andreas Ruppen 04/30/14 After contributing slides on NetBeans, asked him whether he wants to be even more actively involved.
UK Open University
UK Sheffield Hallam University Chris Bates and Lukasz Jopek
UK Brunel University Alireza Mousavi 04/28/14: Contacted him re sharing his info and collaborating.
UK Cardiff University 12/17/13 Contacted Robert Evans, no reply.
UK University of the West of England, Bristol 12/17/13 Contacted Bob Lang, no reply.
UK Aberystwyth University 12/17/13 Contacted, no reply.
UK University of Cambridge
UK University of Manchester
USA Aspen University, Denver, CO
USA Bethlehem University, PA
USA Binghamton University, New York
USA Boston University
USA California State University Long Beach
USA Columbus State University Long Beach‎
USA Drexel University
USA University of Cincinnati
USA Mercer University
USA MIT Boston Eirik Bakke
USA Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Andreas Stefik
USA Southern University Baton Rouge
USA Stanford Ayman Habib
USA Stony Brook University
USA University of Central Oklahoma
USA University of Phoenix
USA University of San Francisco Terence Parr
USA University of Texas at Dallas
USA Warrington College of Business Administration
USA West Chester University
USA Johns Hopkins University Karthik Shyamsunder 04/28/14: Re-established contact and working on article on NB in classroom.
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