Logging Options

Note: possibly see FaqSwitchOnLogging,FaqStartupParameters and FaqNetbeansConf how to turn on an extra logging.

There are loggers shared across all the classes of the view hierarchy. They use the following notation:


where logtype may be one of the following:

  • op - operations performed on the view hierarchy such as model-to-view or view-to-model translations etc.
  • change - tracks changes that trigger structural updates of view hierarchy such as highlighting layer(s) changes.
  • repaint - tracks repaint requested by clients or by the hierarchy itself.
  • paint - debugs how view hierarchy handles paints: size of the clipping area and number of lines that will be painted.
  • span - logs changes of view spans along horizontal and vertical axes and how do they propagate upwards in the view hierarchy.
  • build - tracks view rebuilds in response to changes reported by view factories (namely highlighting layers and code folds).
  • event - logs events fired by view hierarchy
  • settings - logs settings affecting or used by view hierarchy e.g. antialiasing settings.

Consistency Checking


checks consistency of the view hierarchy during structural changes. FINER or FINEST levels may be given which increases checks complexity but may decrease performance significantly especially for large documents.

Font and Metrics Information


logs font(s) being used by the view hierarchy and corresponding metrics info.

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