Planning for NetBeans 6.5 (JET Team)


  • No P1, No P2
  • P3 Target is 440
  • P4 TBD (50% evaluated)


  • /6.5M1/ Milestone 1 FF, Jun 15
  • /6.5Beta/ Beta FF, Jul 13

PHP (Help PHP Team)

  • Image:yes_EditorPlanFuture.png /6.5M1/ Indentation (Vita)
  • Image:yes_EditorPlanFuture.png /6.5M1/ Formatting (Vita)
  • Image:yes_EditorPlanFuture.png /6.5M1/ Go to declaration (Honza)
  • Image:yes_EditorPlanFuture.png /6.5M1/ Go to Type (Honza)
  • Image:yes_EditorPlanFuture.png /6.5M1/ Mark Occurrences (Honza)
  • Image:yes_EditorPlanFuture.png /6.5M1/ Instant Rename (Honza)
  • Image:yes_EditorPlanFuture.png /6.5M1/ Doc generation ("/**<enter>") (Honza, Vita)
  • Image:yes_EditorPlanFuture.png /6.5M1/ Code Completion inside include()/require() (Honza)
  • Image:yes_EditorPlanFuture.png /6.5M1/ Code abbreviations - 20 code templates (Vita)
  • Image:yes_EditorPlanFuture.png /6.5M1/ Automatic Insertions (brackets, braces, parens, quotes, PHPDoc, ...) (Vita)

Must Have Features (P2)

  • Image:yes_EditorPlanFuture.png /6.5Beta/ 132165 Compile on Save (Background Compilation) (Dusan, Honza L.)
  • Image:yes_EditorPlanFuture.png /6.5M1/ 111463 Javadoc Hints Batch Processing (Honza L.)
  • 133906 Improve Embedding Support in Editor
  • Image:yes_EditorPlanFuture.png /6.5M1/ 117450 Provide unified LexerInput across multiple joined embedded sections (Mila)
  • dropped /TBD/ 132484 Use highlighting layers registered for embedded languages (Vita)

Nice to Have Features (P3)

Quick Search

  • [[File:]] (Honza B., Dafe, Ondra L., Max)


  • Image:yes_EditorPlanFuture.png /6.5MBeta/ 132185 Go To Symbol (Tomas Zezula)
  • Image:yes_EditorPlanFuture.png /6.5M1/ 103219 Import/Export Formatting Settings (Dusan)
  • Image:yes_EditorPlanFuture.png /6.5M1/ 122097 Per Project Formatting Settings (Dusan)


  • Image:yes_EditorPlanFuture.png /6.5M1/ 132187 Call Hierarchy (Honza P.)
  • dropped /6.5Beta/100758 Beans Refactoring Integration (Honza P.)
  • Image:yes_EditorPlanFuture.png /6.5M1/ Encapsulate Fields Enhancements (79042, 118849, 73477, 48296) (Honza P.)

Usability Improvements (P3)

  • Image:yes_EditorPlanFuture.png /6.5Beta/095077 Remove editor related options from the Advanced options dialog (Vita)
  • 133913 Improve Editor Work flow and Fix Usability Blockers
  • 137318 Update Editor category in Tools-Options according to the UI spec (Mila)
  • Image:yes_EditorPlanFuture.png /6.5M1/ 090403 Editor Settings Improvements (Vita)
  • Image:yes_EditorPlanFuture.png /6.5M1/ 123450 Make editor menus consistent cross different file types (Mila)
  • Image:yes_EditorPlanFuture.png /6.5M1/ 123448 Add "Insert" submenu into editor's contextual menu (Mila)
  • Image:yes_EditorPlanFuture.png /6.5M1/ 123346 Merge editor related options into Editor category (Vita)
  • /6.5Beta/ 123467 Improve keymap options panel (Vita)
  • Image:yes_EditorPlanFuture.png /6.5M1/ 013063 Remove whitespace at end of line (Mila)
  • Image:yes_EditorPlanFuture.png /6.5Beta/ 134647 Wrong position of cursor, when generating code using Alt-Ins (Max)
  • /6.5Beta/ 134648 Create Method hint: Wrong position of method and cursor (Max)
  • Image:yes_EditorPlanFuture.png /6.5M1/ 134649 Missing shortcuts for refactoring actions (Honza B.)
  • Image:yes_EditorPlanFuture.png /6.5Beta/ 135513 Wrong position of method when using Implement all abstract methods (Max)
  • Image:yes_EditorPlanFuture.png /6.5M1/ 135851 camel case support for method names in code completion


  • 133914 Improve performance of Find References and Refactoring
  • 133943 Make the IDE usable during scanning
  • 108159 Improve speed of classpath scanning
  • 042683 Faster building of complex (enterprise) projects - with multiple dependencies on a common project. The current compilation with ant exposes the problem with bigger projects - does not scale.
  • Image:yes_EditorPlanFuture.png /6.5Beta/ 129561 Analyze/Improve performance of JSP editing (Mila)

Planning for NetBeans 7.0

Must Have Features

  • Image:yes_EditorPlanFuture.png /6.5M1/ 127357 API Review
  • Image:yes_EditorPlanFuture.png /6.5M1/ 136169 Generic Classpath
  • /6.5Beta/ 136641 Support for scanning

Nice to Have Features


  • 122100 Analyze framework (tool for static analysis) (Honza P., Honza L.)
  • 060941 Javadoc Formatter (Honza P.)
  • 122109 Optimize Imports (Honza L.) |


  • 048427 Integrate Refactoring Undo with Editor Undo and Local History
  • 057715 Replace Method Code Duplicates
  • 057767 Move Method/Variable
  • 057545 Inline Method/Variable

General Infrastructure Improvements

  • 121357 New View Hierarchy (Mila)
  • 130487 Provide replacements for API/SPIs from org.netbeans.editor (Mila,Vita)
  • 130488 Provide better supports for particular editor API/SPIs (Mila,Vita)
  • 135492 Simplify Coloring Profiles creation (Max)
  • /TBD/ 120357 Rework and stabilize Indentation API (Mila)


  • 000000 Jackpot 2 (code transformations)
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