This page presents a marketing-driven structure for Java Editor improvements planned for NetBeans IDE 7.1. In itself, this is not a list of priorities but provides the starting point for such a list.



All the items in EditorPlan71 are reorganized below into these marketing-oriented categories:

  • VOC: Issues that come from 'voice of the customer'.
  • Competitive: Issues that respond to features in competing products.
  • Internal: Issues coming from internal customers.

Where items belong to multiple categories, they are organized by their dominant category.


These are items that primarily come from 'voice of the customer' i.e., feedback via multiple votes on the issue in Issuezilla, or the issue was initially reported by an external user, or comes from conference feedback. In short, these are items that are most likely to make users happy and lead to an increase in adoption.

General Infrastructure Improvements

Issue 135492 Simplify Coloring Profiles creation (Maros)

Java Project Improvements

Issue 46863 Permit library names to contain spaces (Tomas)

Issue 178503 Allow adding sources/javadoc from the Libraries node (Tomas) Image:yes_EditorPlan68.png

Issue 174506 Run File for any java file with main methods should accept command line parameters

Issue 181265 Add filter warnings possibility into the output window

Improve creation of a Java Project From Existing Sources Issue 194533 and Issue 190242. Partially done in NB 6.9, the wizard is now able to find source roots in selected folder but it should do it automatically for base project folder. The base project folder should be accessible from files tab as requested in Issue 194533.

Issue 197734 Modify J2SEProject build scripts to use TestNG if available

"Editor Usability" Improvements

Most of these are in the internal section (because of being Oracle requirements) or in "competitive" (because of matching features in competitors) except this, which comes explicitly and repeatedly from VOC:

Issue 13857 - Cutting/Copying vertical blocks of text: Rectangular Edit Tools


Refactoring & hints are both "VOC" as well as being "competitive".

Issue 25377 Batch refactoring (very important)

Issue 57545 Inline Method/Variable Refactoring (Ralph's work)

Issue 100758 Beans refactoring

Issue 197194 More scopes for Find Usages

Issue 94325 Find usages of a package, requires api change Issue 131944 (Tomas)

Issue 65780 Change Method Parameters Usability Improvements

Issue 18370 Import Statements Organizer

Issue 48427 Integrate Refactoring Undo with Editor Undo and Local History

Issue 154900 Support nested classes in "Move" and "Copy" refactoring

Issue 197189 Implement Introdoce Method Parameters Refactoring

Issue 197190 Implement Replace Constructor With Factory Method/builder

Issue 30140 Implement Code Migration Tool - "Upgrades" (e.g. to JDK7)


E.g. unused assignment, unbalanced set/get to/from Collection/array.


Issue 196937 - Drag and drop of a Web Service client code into Java ME project for Telefonica


These are items that come from an explicit comparison with a competing product. E.g., "in product X, I am able to do ABC, why can't I do this in NetBeans IDE?" Note that the sections above on "Refactoring" and "Hints" belong here too.

"Editor Usability" Improvements

Mainly Oracle requirements, some overlap with VOC (those that are specifically VOC in this category are in the VOC list above).

Issue - Unsurround

Issue 140719 - Save Actions

Javadoc Improvements

Issue 20672 Word wrap for javadoc comments

Issue 25509 Javadoc comments syntax coloring

Issue 42223 Embedded HTML editing in Javadoc comments


These are items and issues that are of an ongoing nature (e.g., ongoing requirement for performance enhancements) or come from internal customers (e.g., Java ME team or Java FX team, etc).

General Infrastructure Improvements

Issue 144579 (cndreq, API) Add support for child nodes to MimeLookup Preferences

Issue 180262 Incorrect check of indexer's being up-to-date (Jarsolav Tulach requirement)

Improve java caches to support Annotation Processors generating java source from multiple source files, see Issue 196104

Move stable part of java.api.common into regular api (java.project). Currently there in no way how 3rd party project implementors can use the utilities in java.api.common which causes copy paste programming. At least some parts of this module like QuerySupport should be cleaned up and moved to stable API(Alex Kotchnev, i.e., VOC requirement, but mostly internal).

Remove implementation dependency of java.source on parsing.api. A support friend bridge module has to be created. The parsing.api and java.source will depend on it.

Make parsing.api a stable API. The parsing.api is a base API for any language implementation in the IDE. But the API is still in development mode. The parsing.api should become a stable API.

Java Project Improvements

Issue 182388 (j2ee,API) Provide api to set the DisplayName of a Library created programmatically (Tomas) (j2ee team)

Issue 123464 Improve UI for resolving broken references (j2ee team)

Issue 193436 Allow library registration using AnnotationProcessor

Issue 139865 Cannot run Applet project (from JavaFX team)

"Editor Usability" Improvements

Mainly Oracle requirements, some overlap with VOC (those that are specifically VOC in this category are in the VOC list above).

Issue 89607 Double-click-drag-select and Triple-click-drag-select

Issue 41807 - Zoom editor window as in FF/Opera/Word

Issue 21237 - Redo should be possible after save

Issue 197522 - Improve support for RTL text

Issue 116926 - Show whitespace

Issue - Code Breadcrumbs

Issue - Only show section

Issue - Reformat on Paste

Issue 155422 - Transfer Types on Paste

Issue - Block coloring

Issue - Middle Click scroll -

Issue - Advanced Bookmarks

Issue 56401 - Extended Clipboard


Jigsaw support in java project and editor support (module-info) also related to Issue 196497 api change (Tomas)

Support for JDK8 as possible and needed.

Performance Related Items

Full text index

Find Usages and related refactorings for methods and fields can be made faster (Issue 169958, Issue 120145) - a full text index would be very helpful (Tomas)

Remove obsolete code in editor

Lower the editor memory footprint by removing the old Syntax (the former version of lexer) and old syntax-based indenter.

Editor Performance improvements

View Hierarchy Improvements

Issue 197534 - Improve efficiency of HighlightingManager together with View Hierarchy - Partial rewrite of Highlighting Manager to not rebuild views in case higher z-order layers (such as selection highlighting or caret row highlighting) get changed.

Document Content Management

Issue 196508 - Improve document content of BaseDocument - Editor document content management will start to share existing positions with the same offset for multiple clients.

Annotation Handling Performance

Issue 197747 - Performance improvements of org.netbeans.editor.Annotations and related classes

Transactional index

(Issue 182653) Use data from old index while indexing is running (where possible) Some features like Lucene Indexes already lock the index only in time of index update not during the whole indexing but the index reader client is negatively affected by the IO. Improving the index caching should help, see Improve Go To Type.

Complete Transactional Index support requires several changes:

  • The threading model of parsing has to be changed from a single dedicated parser thread to a concurrent model where the indexer (parser) is called by a non dedicated thread concurrently to the parser thread. This is an incompatible API change in the threading model which may affect existing languages depending on the single threaded model. On the other hand the Indexing API never declared the single threaded model.
  • The disk caches have to be transactional. The Lucene index supports transactions, but a custom storage implementation such as Java Signature Files have to be updated to support transactions as well. The transactional cache introduces higher IO load as the disk operations are done twice (the first time in a log phase, the second time in a commit phase - simpler).
  • The biggest problem is how to avoid OOM situations. Currently the dedicated parser thread uses VM telemetry to prevent OOME. This approach will not work as there will be more parsing threads running concurrently and consuming memory.
  • The JavaCustomIndexer and JavaBinaryIndexer have to be rewritten so that they can handle requests even before the up-to-date check is finished.

Misc performance improvements

Issue 187282 (cndreq, API) Allow to exclude embedded langs for source root

Issue 186744 (API) Adding library causes huge I/O load - deleting files on background does not solve the problem, it's already done on background. The rename and clean up in idleIO will work fine. But the idleIO is not an API (even friend API). It's in the MasterFS FileChangeManager. This requires an idleIO to be added at least into the ProvidedExtensions like runPriorityIO. (Tomas)

Issue 195814 Improve Go To File performance for non source file. The Go To File has two parts. The first one is handling source files and is provided by parsing.api. This part is reasonably fast (for typical set up < 1s). The second part handles files which are not under source roots (parsing.api does not know about them) and it does file system search. The second part may take minutes.

Make indexers cancelable, see Issue 197811

Preview/Experimental Features

Internal: Server Side Queries

To support quick navigation through and exploration of large projects. Possible supported queries:

  • Go to Type/File(/possibly Symbol)
  • Find Usages through whole project (all known projects), even those not opened in the IDE.

This does *not* include downloadable index that would eliminate initial scan.

Competitive: Jackpot

Issue 197193 Custom Refactorings - DSL for declarative custom refactorings.

Competitive: Code completion productivity

Show most useful completion items at the top - extension of smart (type) code completion.

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