Planning for NetBeans 6.7 (JET Team)

High Level Plan


QualityCriteria and milestones

Defining Features

Quality (Bug Fixes and Enhancements)


  • Image:no_EditorPlan67.pngFaster building of complex (enterprise) projects - with multiple dependencies on a common project. The current compilation with ant exposes the problem with bigger projects - does not scale. 042683 (Tomas Z.)
  • [[File:]]
  • wip_EditorPlan67.gifFind Usages/Rename as fast as IDEA Issue 133914 (Honza P.)
  • Image:yes_EditorPlan67.pngImprovements in scanning (read operation available during update) (Honza L., Tomas)
  • Image:yes_EditorPlan67.pngShut-down performance (Vita)
  • Image:yes_EditorPlan67.pngPerf meeting notes
  • Perf improvements in lexer (Mila)
  • Issue 150197 Switch off Lexer's Token Hierarchy during formatting
  • Image:yes_EditorPlan67.png Issue 150204 Switch off Lexer's Token Hierarchy during document loading
  • Image:yes_EditorPlan67.pngPerf improvements in editor (Mila)
  • Image:yes_EditorPlan67.pngIssue 150875 Too many editor Action classes loaded at startup/warmup

Parsing API & GSF Rewrite (Hanz, Tomas Z., Vita)

  • Image:yes_EditorPlan67.png 127357 Inception API Review
  • Image:yes_EditorPlan67.png 136169 Generic Classpath
  • Image:yes_EditorPlan67.png136641 Support for scanning
  • Image:no_EditorPlan67.png132484 Use highlighting layers registered for embedded languages (Vita)

Nice to Have Features


  • Issue 142112 Go to Implementation (Hanz)
  • Features on Save (reformat, fix imports, etc) (Mila)
  • Format code and fix imports on multiple files (code beautifier) (Max)
  • Improve support for Applets (JDK 1.6u10) Issue 81678 (Tomas Z.)
  • Issue 57767 - Move method refactoring, 6 duplicates (Honza P.)
  • Issue 147849 depends on this (Honza P.)
  • Issue 138794 - Redesign "Javadoc Index Search" GUI (Honza P.)

Usability Improvements

  • We have many issues with Search dialogs (details)
  • We should work on integration of those features: Find, Replace, Find in Projects, Replace in Projects, Find Usages


Comments and Future Releases

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