I am Brazilian, nowadays I live in São Paulo, where you can find the best economy and business oportunities in Brazil. However, I was born in Belém, located on Brazilian Amazon Region. In addition to this, due to my professional life I also lived in other cities( Belo Horizonte, Brasilia and Porto Alegre). I really love my country, our people and mainly our beaches.

Nowadays I've been working for Summa Technologies since 2004, working as a Senior Consultant doing Java EE development, Architecture and some Project management. Previously I worked for Borland Latin America as a Consultant and Instructor for serveral Borland's tools and technologies, such as: BES, JBuilder, Visibroker, Delphi and Kylix. Working with Borland's tools I learned some secrets about how to create good development tools, that's why I really like NetBeans Platform, cause it is easy but powerful!

I have a blog in English, and other in Portuguese. On these blogs you can find out much more informations about me.

I am so happy in to be a NetBeans Dream Team member, I am sure this project will give out so many good news!

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