Migrating your Eclipse projects to NetBeans

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This community docs sub-project is an effort to enable a smooth switch from Eclipse to NetBeans.

  • The challenge for us, NetBeans folks is that we want your transition curve to be smooth.
  • We don't want you to learn things which will ask you to devote a large chunk of your time just to get used to the features of NetBeans
  • As far as possible, we want it to be not more than 3-4 steps before you can resume working with your existing Eclipse projects in NetBeans

This page will serve as the entry point for docs which will show you how you can migrate your existing Eclipse projects to NetBeans and keep working with them using NetBeans.

Over a period of time, we shall address Eclipse projects of increasing complexity, varied functionality and then 'port' them to NetBeans.


  1. Please feel free to add any documents you would like to see.
  2. These documents use
  • Eclipse "Europa", "Ganymede"
  • NetBeans 6.5 (for older versions of NetBeans check this page)

For a general background overview of importing projects, see: General Eclipse Import Guide for 6.5


Planned Documents

  • Cover "Resynchronize Eclipse Projects" feature which automatically keeps NetBeans project classpath in synch with Eclipse one
  • Import a more complex Eclipse project (misc types of classpath items like libraries, variables, etc.)
  • Import a Java Desktop (GUI) -Swing Based Eclipse project to NetBeans
  • Import a Java Desktop (GUI) -SWT (to be investigated) Based Eclipse project to NetBeans
  • Porting Eclipse Plug-ins to NetBeans
  • Porting SWT Applications to Swing/NetBeans Platform

Interested in writing any of the above docs? Contact me!



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