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EclipseProjectImport (impl status)

Current NB project importer

Very limited. Creates NB Java SE projects from Eclipse projects or whole workspace. Ignorant of web projects in Europa. No bidirectional synchronization. Acceptable only for very simple projects.

EclipseWebToNetBeans - detailed instructions for manual import of web projects.

Automatically Import Your Projects From Eclipse to NetBeans IDE - official docs for current importer.

EclipseToNetBeans - brief overview.

EclipseJavaConsoleToNetBeans - for a plain Java SE project, pretty easy.

SharingProjectNetBeansEclipse - some info on Spring, web projects.

IntelliJ IDEA 7 support for Eclipse interoperability

Feature overview

Tested on JSPWiki and a hello-world web app using JPA: tried to import in IDEA. Had to be instructed what were tests and what were regular sources, but easy. Found two web modules for JSPWiki (one in tests), but this is easily fixed. Detected JPA persistence.xml automatically. Failed to find the global TopLink library defined in the Eclipse workspace, though this was not a problem since it has bundled TopLink anyway. Offers to use .classpath to manage dependencies, though it inserted gratuitous whitespace in the XML file even though I did not try to make any actual changes. Did not try to import information about Tomcat server setup. Not clear if e.g. compiler or code formatting settings were imported. Offered to add IDEA *.iml and *.eml files to Subversion.

JUnit: seemed to be imported well. Tests do not run well (ironically enough), though it is not clear they run well in Eclipse either (despite that presumably being the reference IDE for this project).

Overall impression: satisfactory attempt, though not completely smooth sailing.

When you don't care about Eclipse project metadata

Some projects can have Eclipse metadata set up, but this is not the most authoritative source of configuration information.

Maven projects can be opened in NB directly using Mevenide.

Projects with detailed existing Ant scripts can be opened as freeform projects, but this is likely to be a big hassle. Up and coming: AutomaticProjects can sometimes do a good job of opening these. Works reasonably well on JSPWiki, for example (certainly much better than current NB Eclipse project importer).

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