Import a Java console Eclipse project to NetBeans 6.5

                                                                    --Contributed by  Amit Kumar Saha

This tutorial will get you started with importing your Eclipse Java projects into NetBeans 6.5 and continue working with them. Since this is the first step, I shall keep it short-and-simple.


  1. Create the Eclipse Project
  2. Import the Project into NetBeans
  3. Build and Run the project in NetBeans
  4. Conclusion

Create the Eclipse project


  • Add a Java class to the file, "HelloEuropa"


  • Run it, you should see the output.


Importing the project into NetBeans 6.5

  • Start the Import Eclipse Project dialog (via File -> Import Project menu)

In the Project Import dialog box, you are presented with two options:

  • Import Projects from Workspace
  • Import Project ignoring Project Dependencies

Choose the first option, and "browse" to the eclipse workspace where you have created the project


In the next screen you are presented with the list of projects in the workspace, select the one to import


  • Build and Run



So, we have seen how we can easily work with Eclipse projects in NetBeans. Though, this was an oversimplified demonstration, you have taken the first step towards a smoother "switch".

Links to further information

EclipseToNetBeans page lists other documents showing you how to import your Java projects from Eclipse to NetBeans

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