Easel NetBeans 7.4

See also Easel NetBeans 8 planning wiki.

This page contains Project Easel planning documents for NetBeans 7.4. See also the main development page.

New feature candidates

List of candidate features for the next release.

Integrate Easel into other project types

Easel functionality should be integrated into those project types:

  • P1: PHP (issue 219542)
  • P1: Java Ant Web Project (issue 222236)
  • P1: Java Maven Web Project (issue 225786)
  • P2: Ability to run Java/PHP projects on mobile devices (issue 225836)
  • P2: UI for switching the project's target browser in the toolbar (issue 226124)
  • P2: allow user to refresh static CDN snapshots (issue 225499)
  • P2-3: Reuse JavaScript libraries panel in other projects (PHP, Java Web)
  • See also: EaselInOtherProjects
  • [Partly done] Support for client-side and server-side templating languages
  • P2: DOM Tree window including Go to Source capability

Enhance HTML5 Project Type

  • P1: Network profiling (needs to work in Java/PHP projects as well)
  • P3: FTP support in HTML5 projects (reuse one from PHP projects)
  • any support for JavaScript modules? (eg. CommonJS, RequireJS, etc.)
  • P4: Minification support
  • P4: Deploy HTML5 applications to Java EE servers like GlassFish
  • P3: Save source from Chrome Developer Tools to IDE.

Support for compiled languages

Add support for some of the popular compiled languages, for example:

  • SASS/LESS/Avatar
  • CoffeeScript (produces JS)
  • Dart (produces JS)

Utilize Source Maps which provide mapping between a source file (that is a CoffeeScript file, or SASS, LESS, Dart, etc.) and compiled file which runs in browser (that is JavaScript or CSS).

Such support would require for each language:

  • new editor support (syntax coloring, code completion, etc.)
  • a mechanism to compile these files in project types (could be as simple as "automatic compilation on change" in the embedded webserver)
  • streamlined debugging experience for languages which produce JS
  • new styling property sheets for languages which produce CSS

See also: SourceMapsExampleSASS

Support 3rd party tools

CSS / HTML Code Editing

  • See Marek's separate list of CSS/HTML features for 7.3.next
  • Support for doing difficult CSS things like rounded corners, drop shadows, etc. especially when they have to be different in different browsers.
  • Smart minimum browser support - set the minimum browser for the project and highlight any html/css that won't work in it as errors )issue 217954)
  • HTML/CSS formatting options (issue 144164)

CSS / HTML Visual Editing / Dialogs

  • Compound complex property editors
  • Improve Create Rule dialog (e.g. issue 223943)
  • Higlighting box model in browser (issue 220192)
  • Smooth design support for dynamic elements, for example, menus (JavaScript-based, CSS-based)
  • Better support for remote CSS files (issue 217671)
  • CSS3 GridLayout manager

JavaScript Editing and Refactoring

  • JavaScript editor API, that allows to implement support for JavaScript frameworks
  • Implement clients for the API. Probably Ext Js, Angular Js
  • Implement more JavaScript patterns in model to understand more conventions
  • Improve performance of indexing and creating model
  • JavaScript Refactoring
  • JavaScript Hints - unreachable code, undeclared variable, empty blocks, block emit {}, == null comparsion, ...
  • Improve JavaScript formatter

JavaScript Debugging

  • Pause JavaScript debugger action (issue 220186)
  • turn JS debugger "Evaluate Code" into interactive console ala Chrome's dev tools one (issue 102043)

JavaScript - Other

  • Server-side JavaScript support (Node.js)
  • More JavaScript testing support (Testacular, PhantomJS, Nashorn)

Web Services

  • Third party web service consumption
  • Web service client for other frameworks than Backbone (see also issue 223649)


  • Mobile Platforms Setup, Options and Properties ✓
    • iOS ✓
    • Android ✓
  • Run/debug web apps on iOS
    • Run on Simulator ✓
    • Run on Device (waiting for iOS Dev Program)
    • Debug in iOS Simulator (implemented, waiting for approval) [Issue 226338]
    • Debug on iOS Device [Issue 226339]
  • Run Debug Apps on Android ✓
    • Run on Simulator ✓
    • Run on Device ✓
    • Debug on Emulator (requires Mobile Chrome) ✓
    • Debug on Device (requires Mobile Chrome) ✓
  • PhoneGap support
    • General
    • IOS
      • Build/Run on Simulator ✓
      • Build/Run on Device (waiting for iOS Dev Program)
      • Debug in Simulator [Issue 226338]
      • Debug on Device [Issue 226339]
    • Android ✓
      • Build/Run in Emulator ✓
      • Build/Run on Device ✓

Other / Misc

  • Live HTML
  • FireFox remote debugging protocol

Outstanding tasks, Apr 25

  • P1: DOM Tree window, styling with templates (Honza Stola, issue 229312), +3d
  • P1: iOS on-device (and emulator) debugging
  • P1: SASS/LESS visual editing workflow (Honza Stola, issue 229314), +2d
  • P2: Workflow of saving from Chrome (not needed before FF, Honza Stola or Tomas, issue 229317)
  • P2: Knockout framework support in HTML and JavaScript (Marek and Petr H, issue 229318), +2w
  • P2: Turn JS debugger "Evaluate Code" into interactive console ala Chrome's dev tools one (Martin Entlicher, issue 102043)
  • P2: PhoneGap workflow + browser selection UI (Honza Becicka, issue 229322)
  • P3: Ripple emulator support in visual CSS workflow (Honza Stola, issue 229323)
  • P3: Karma test runner (David, issue 229325), +2d
  • P3: More samples (not needed before FF, issue 229326), +2d
  • P4: Browser versions support in CSS editor (Marek, issue 217954)
  • P4: Remote files node in JavaEE/PHP projects (David, issue 229327)
  • P4: JavaScript libraries panel: possibility to upgrade libraries (Tomas, issue 227195)

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