Project Easel: NetBeans 7.3 possible post-beta tasks

This page lists the possibly NetBeans 7.3 post-beta tasks, as discussed at the team meeting on September 4th, 2012, or those resulting from the August and September usability activities. Many of these will be deferred to NetBeans.next.

- done in NetBeans 7.3
- deferred to the next release after 7.3
??? - not sure what this task means

JavaScript editor

  • code navigation
  • deeper integration of documentation into JavaScript model
  • refactoring of JavaScript across files (currently instant rename within JS file)
  • usability study: refactoring of HTML ids and CSS selectors across multiple files including jQuery in JavaScript
  • same for find usages
  •  ??? usability study: help creating complex selectors in jQuery
  • JSLint, JSHint - need a feature request for Nashorn for v2 to be able to run JSLint
  • JS library support: currently only jQuery
  • HTML5 JavaScript APIs in code completion - need at least the most common ones (issue 215345).
  • documentation for Core JS APIs not available for licensing reasons - would like to put it on UC (issue 220915).

Inspector/Rule Editor

  • exact highlighting behavior
  • Property sheet UI tweaks
  • UI tweaks, e.g. merge CSS Styles and Rule Editor (bug 220193)
  • menu design
  • may need performance optimizations in styles reloading
  • better property editors - some are doable e.g. color chooser, but not compound property complex editor
  • code completion in property sheet for property names - need property sheet enhancement, not for 7.3
  • code completion in property sheet for property values - doable
  • property sheet combo box drop-down is ugly on Windows
  • add property dialog UI in general
  • create rule dialog is not complete
  • navigator - remove status line (bug 220413)
  • higlighting box model in browser; more information (bug 220192)
  •  ??? some kind of a filter in navigator (icons at the bottom)
  • minimized styling windows should be unobtrusive
  • hide CSS views when writing JavaScript (bug 220437)


  • make Chrome the default?
  • Chrome plugin to web store for Release Candidate
  • JSTestDriver integration
  • Chrome browser pull-down menu UI design
  • Selection mode shortcut in Chrome (issue 216310)


  • remove "Enable NetBeans integration" checkbox
  • PHP and Java projects (see issue 219542 for PHP and 222236 for Java) would benefit from:
    • JavaScript editor
    • browser integration
    • mainly JavaScript debugger
    • styling
    • what should be the navigator behavior in non-static projects?

JavaScript debugger

  • tweak UI for DOM breakpoints
  • enh: HTML editor - submitting DOM breakpoints (post 7.3) - requires issue 220188.
  • Pause action (issue 220186).
  • Filter variables window? Quick search when starting typing should work


  • need some sample projects


  • all hooks in place so we can put PhoneGap on the UC? (issue 217632)

REST services consumption

pretty much done

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