Creating a Project on Kenai

This document describes how to create a Kenai project and add project sources to a Subversion repository on Kenai. This document also describes how to open a Kenai project and download the project sources to your local system.


Requirements for This tutorial

You need the following software:

  • NetBeans IDE 6.7

You must have an account on to create a Kenai project.

Creating a New Kenai Project

A Kenai project is a set of services associated with one project name. You can create any type of project on Kenai eg, Java, Ruby, php

  1. Choose Team > Kenai > Login to Kenai from the main menu.
  2. Choose Team > Kenai > Create Kenai Project
  3. Enter the project details in the Name and License panel of the New Kenai Project wizard. Click Next.
  4. Select Subversion for the type of Source Code Repository.
  5. Type a Repository Name for the remote repository. The address of the remote repository will be the project name with subversion appended.
  6. Specify the location of the local repository
  7. Select an Issue Tracking type
  8. Click Finish.

When you click Finish, the IDE creates the Kenai project. You can manage the services associated with the project from the project page on

After the IDE creates the project, you will see a dialog where you can choose to do one of the following.

  • Create a NetBeans project in the specified location
  • Go to the project page of your project on where you can further configure project options
  • Close the dialog
  1. Click Close

When you click close, the IDE opens the Kenai dashboard. The Kenai dashboard enables you to quickly view the following information about the Kenai project.

  • Issues
  • Projects in the repository

You can also click details to open the project page on

Using a Kenai Repository

When you create a Kenai project, you can choose to create a Subversion or Mercurial repository that is then associated with the project. You specify the location for the local repository in the wizard when you create the Kenai project. All files and directories that you place in the local directory become versioned. You can view the address of the remote repository on the Kenai project page.

Adding an Existing Local NetBeans Project to Kenai

If you have an existing !NetBeans project, you can share the project on Kenai from within the IDE. When you share a local project on Kenai, the IDE will create the project for you. Local projects that you share on Kenai will use a Subversion repository.

  1. Choose Team > Kenai > Login to Kenai from the main menu.
  2. Open the !NetBeans project that you want to add
  3. Right-click the project in the Projects window and choose Share on Kenai
  4. Type the project name and title in the wizard
  5. Select a license
  6. Choose if you want the sources committed immediately
  7. Click Finish.

When you click Finish, the IDE creates a project on Kenai and adds the project to the list of projects on the Kenai dashboard.

Opening an Existing Kenai Project

You can open a Kenai project from within the IDE. Project owners set the role permissions for checking in and checking out sources. You do not need to be a member to open a project.

For more about setting permissions for projects, see the following page:

  1. Choose Window > Kenai to open the Kenai dashboard.
  2. Click Open project
  3. In the Open Kenai Project dialog, type in the search terms.
  4. Click Search to retrieve a list of names and descriptions of projects that match the search terms.
  5. Select the project you want to open. Click OK.

Getting Sources from Kenai

You do not need to be a member of a project to download project sources unless checkout rights have been disabled for unregistered users.

  1. Expand the Source node for the project in the Kenai dashboard.
  2. Click get to open the Get Sources from Kenai dialog.
  The location of the Kenai repository for the project is automatically specified in the dialog.
  1. Specify a project folder (optional)
  2. Specify a local folder where you want to create the local repository for the project.
  3. Click Get from Kenai.

When you click Get from Kenai, the IDE creates a local Subversion repository on your local system and retrieves the sources from the Kenai repository. If the project is a !NetBeans project, the IDE opens a dialog that gives you the option to open the project immediately.

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