How can I get the position of the caret in the currently selected editor window?

You need to first get the selected node (which if the Editor is selected, should correspond to the file being edited); get the most recent editor pane open on it; and then access the caret:

Node[] n = TopComponent.getRegistry().getActivatedNodes();
if (n.length == 1) {
    EditorCookie ec = (EditorCookie) n[0].getCookie(EditorCookie.class);
    if (ec != null) {
        JEditorPane[] panes = ec.getOpenedPanes();
        if (panes.length > 0) {
            int cursor = panes[0].getCaret().getDot();
            String selection = panes[0].getSelectedText();
            // USE selection



How can I get the linenumber/column of the currently selected editor?

        JTextComponent editor = org.netbeans.api.editor.EditorRegistry.lastFocusedComponent();

        //using StyledDocument
            StyledDocument sdocument = (StyledDocument) editor.getDocument();

            int line = NbDocument.findLineNumber(sdocument, editor.getCaretPosition());
            int column = NbDocument.findLineColumn(sdocument, editor.getCaretPosition());
        //using BaseDocument
            try {
                BaseDocument bdocument = Utilities.getDocument(editor);
                int line = Utilities.getLineOffset(bdocument, editor.getCaretPosition());
            } catch (BadLocationException ex) {

Applies to: NetBeans 4.0 and newer

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