How can configure my options panel to be found by global quicksearch or options search?


Use the keywords attribute of the @OptionsPanelController.SubRegistration/@OptionsPanelController.TopLevelRegistration

For example

        id = "XXX",
        location = "Java",
        displayName = "#AdvancedOption_DisplayName_MYPLUGIN",
        keywords = "#AdvancedOption_Keywords_MYPLUGIN",
        keywordsCategory = "Java/MYPLUGIN")
@org.openide.util.NbBundle.Messages({"AdvancedOption_DisplayName_MYPLUGIN=MYPLUGIN", "AdvancedOption_Keywords_MYPLUGIN=keyword1,keyword2"})
public final class MYPLUGINOptionsPanelController extends OptionsPanelController

Options search

Use the keywords attribute of the @OptionsPanelController.Keywords. Place the annotation at the OptionPanel and NOT at the OptionsPanelController.

For example

@org.netbeans.spi.options.OptionsPanelController.Keywords(location="Java", tabTitle="XXX", keywords={"configures format","highlighting","much more"})
public class MYPLUGINOPTIONSPanel extends javax.swing.JPanel

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