Using JDBC-ODBC Bridge Layer in NetBeans

Author(s): Arpit Goel & Prateek Garg


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About Demo
This doc is based on a File:Demo DemoOnJDBC ODBC.htm Flash Demo, developed using Wink. It shows how to establish connection to database through JDBC using JDBC-ODBC Bridge, how to create table and run simple SQL queries.

  • Once you have set up the connection to your database, you can perform the various operations related to SQL:-
    1. Create , edit data structures
    2. Enter SQL queries and see the results immediately
    3. Connect to multiple databases
    4. Transfer table schemas across databases.


  • The Java Software bridge provides JDBC access via ODBC drivers.
  • Note that you need to load ODBC binary code onto each client machine that uses this driver.
  • As a result, the ODBC driver is most appropriate on a corporate network where client installations are not a major problem, or for application server code written in Java in a three-tier architecture.


Creating a Flash Demo of NetBeans IDE

Trail: JDBC(TM) Database Access

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