Since Sep 2007 I'm member of J2EE/Web/Dynamic languages support in NetBeans. I'm working remotely from New Zealand as that's where my family resides. This is my second employment with Sun: I used to work on NetBeans in Prague between 2001 and 2005 and got involved in dozen of modules ranging from core/opneide to ant, editor, projects, ...

What am I working on now?

NetBeans 7.4:

NetBeans 7.3.1:

Past work

NetBeans 7.3:

NetBeans 7.1:

  • Oracle Cloud support
  • Amazon AWS BeanStalk support

NetBeans 7.0:

NetBeans 6.9:

NetBeans 6.8:

NetBeans 6.7:

NetBeans 6.5:

NetBeans 6.1:

NetBeans 4.0

  • Ant based project system aka "stavbička"

NetBeans 3.x

  • Editor; Ant; New Project system; Data Systems redesign; Registry; Convertors; ...

NetBeans 3.1

  • Editor bugfixing and improvements
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