Database I-Team Meeting - April 29, 2008

Attendees: David Van Couvering, John Baker, Roman Mostyka, Jayashri Visvanathan, Andrei Badea, Srinivasan Rengarajan, James Branam, Ahimanikya Satapathy

The wiki pages:

David: The planning page. I keep getting reassurances that we can do this, and I hope that we can in reality. All issues needed to be logged by the meeting. Some of these things are high priority.

Andrei: Feature assigned to Ahi's team: Will they be moving code to the database area. Will we be maintaining it?

David: We need them to point us to the code.

Jayashri: I'll set up a meeting when they come here for JavaOne.

John: I'll be doing some thing tht are on the P3 list. .These aren't so difficult. Maybe we can do more.

David: Focus on code snippets. This could take more time. Have the milestones been set up for the issues? There are two milestones. I can do some more.

David: We need to look at P2. Roman has szent out some suggestions for issues we need to resolve for the next patch release.

David: 131210: We don't don't handles well quotes that cross multiple lines.

Roman: Our SQL Editor is not convenient for this. We need to improve it.

Andrei: I think this should not be a P2. I've never seen this.

David: I made it a P2 because the workaround isn't easy.

John: I don't think it should go into a patch.

David: I'll make it a P3 and we'll target it for 6.1 M1.

David: 132028: I thought we fixed this one.

Andrei: This is still reproducible in the trunk, but maybe not in 6.1.

Roman: We need to check this in 6.1.

David: I'll note that it can be reproduced in the trunk and apparently only on Windows.

David: 134121: This also only happens in the trunk.

David: 117724: Query Builder Frame.

Roman: This is also apparently fixed for 6.1. It looks like it was also fixed in the trunk. I'll investigate.

John: It's marked as result fixed.

David: We have several P2s. We should be trying to fix these.

David: 133197: I though this couldn't be reproduced.

Roman: I haven't tried it yet. I was waiting for other issues to be fixed. I'll try it again.

David: Deadlock exception. 133951, I'm looking at this.

David 130877: I'm looking at this one.

David: 133184: We should disable the delete button.

John: I'll take care of this one. I'll remove the Delete menu item.

David: 134121: I logged and assigned it to lookup, and it was assigned back to me. It's a Mac issue.

Andrei: I'll look at it.

Jayashri: The deadline: We should everything by next week because of JavaOne. We need the specs by next week.

David: Goals, requirement, scope, and top-level use cases.

Jayashri: Phase 2, week of May 22. I don't think much will change then.

David: Databases is one of the defining features of this release, so we'll need some attention from X-Design.

Jayashri: I've noticed that we're getting more and more bugs from the Community.

David: I'm concerned that it will be hard to reduce the bug count by 20%

David: The Prague meeting:

Andrei: We can discuss this during or after JavaOne.

David: There is a link to use cases on our wiki page. This is a start.

John: An issue I evaluated last night: Sample Database can't be connected to.

David: Mark it as a duplicate and let them verify.

Roman: Please cc me for database features issues.

Andrei: Roman, please subscribe to

David: Congratulations on the 6.1 Release.

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