Database I-Team Meeting - April 22, 2008

Attendees: David Van Couvering, John Baker, Roman Mostyka, Jayashri Visvanathan, Andrei Badea, Srinivasan Rengarajan, James Branam, Ahimanikya Satapathy

David: Status on 6.1. I got the fix in for the delimiter bug. Also the callin name has been fixed. While we're in the planning phase, let's keep focusing on bugs.

The wiki page:

David: Is there anything in priority 1 and priority 2 that should be there? We're not putting any emphasis on visual query. You may want to add something.

Ahimanikya: I'll let you go through the list first.

David: Does your team think it could contribute the visual editor?

Ahimanikya: Yes, we can do that. We'll get into it gradually.

David: Two main defining features for this release: PHP support and SQL editing. PHP: code snippets for PHP queries - snippets can be inserted. Tight integration with query editor - good when using SQL and PHP Editor Andrei: I've been working with the PHP team. I have a meeting with them on Thursday?

Srinivasan: Will this also be accessible for a Java programmer?

David: Yes. A lot of people are moving the JPA Hibernate. We need to focus on PHP for this release.

Andrei: Milestones look good. Code snippets should be defined a little better. In NB, we don't have a lot of experience with code-generating features. We're slowly changing this. We could try to watch the reaction of users.

David: The MySQL organization has some very strong PHP experience. We should get some input from them. I'll be in Prague the week of May 19; the MySQL team will be there that week. We can talk about better integration.

David: Database connection dialog is not JDBC-specific. Right now the connect dialog requires you to enter the JDBC URL which makes no sense to someone using Ruby or PHP. The proposal is to clean this up so that the URL form is not required.

Andrei: I'm fine with these three milestones.

David: Priority 1 means the product has to have it to ship; priority 2 means that we'll try to get it in.

David: SQL History, solid auto-completion maybe Milestone 2. We'll see.

Andrei: We'll target it for Milestone 1.

Jayashri: I'm a little concerned about the Milestones? Who are the owners for these features?

David: I'll filling this in as we go along. Andrei, could you own the auto-complete?

Andrei: Yes.

John: I'll own the SQL history.

David: Code snippets.

Andrei: If we do the PHP snippets that generate select statements or generate column names, you'll see that we'll need a way to access the database metadata, and a layer above the metadata that can do caching. One we have this layer, then code snippets will be doable.

David: I'll put in metadata APIs. If anything depends on it, then it should be in Milestone 1.

David: This is an API that NetBeans provides that lets you query metadata for a given connection.

Srinivasan:Do we have the architectural background for the? The requirements?

David: Yes, we do. Some of have worked a lot with database metadata, so we should be able to do it. We definitely want to make this the API to use.

Andrei: Maybe I can come up with a simple write-up for this. I have a good idea of what's needed.

David: Just create an issue for it.

Ahimanikya: We already have a layer for something like this. If you give us an idea as to what is needed, we can use what we have done.

Andrei: I'll put together a wiki page with this information.

Ahimanikya: Ability to sort results based on column. We already use the Database Explorer in our product. We can use some of this. We can already do the "edit data from a query result" item. We can contribute this. In our editor, whatever select statement we do, we allow the user to modify it. They can edit, delete, etc.

David: Please look at the SQL Editor to see how hard/easy this will be to integrate. Please let us know sooner rather than later.

Andrei: I'll take the code snippets for SQL.

David: Matchbox for filtering and editing. People seem to like it. It's good for limiting the type of data you want to see. I'll own this.

Andrei: I don't think this is a Priority 1 feature. The sort results by column feature is similar.

David: I don't think that code snippets belongs in the P1 list.

Andrei: I agree. I'd add the edit the results of a query feature to the P1 list.

David: NetBeans currently has no way to edit data in tables, just view it.

Jayashri: I think it would be nice to have this.

Ahimanikya; Just put it as P1 and add my name. We'll get it done.

Ahimanikya: And I'll show the feature we have where you can add a row, edit a row, delete a row. We even had a feature similar to the Matchbox feature you mentioned. We could add it back. I'll let you know tomorrow. It would be nice to add database features from our product to the Query Editor.

David: The Database Explorer contains everything under the databases mode in the Services window.

Ahimanikya: When you close the connection and try to open it again, you get the message: "already closed connection." If we get the error, we force a connection ourselves.

David: We'll make sure that this gets fixed?

Andrei: What method do you use to close the connection"

Ahimanikya: connection.close.

Andrei: According to the API, this should not be used. A way around this is to return a proxy.

David: And there's the wrapper idea too.

Andrei: We can open a email discussion on this.

David: Support multiple result sets is important for execution of a stored procedure. This is good if you're working with legacy databases.

Andrei: Why would you fire five selects at once.

David: We'll leave it as a priority 2, and we'll see.

Andrei: I can see how this could be done for M1.

David: I'll move it to priority 3 for now.David: Opinins for Display number of returned records/impacted rows:

Good to have: John Baker and Ahimanikya

Lower priority: Jayashri and David (maybe).

David: Please sign up to the alias. Let's talk off line about how we want to go forward on this.

Ahimanikya: We'll take the total number of rows feature. We already have pagination feature.

David: I'll change it to page size.

Jayashri: Milestone 1 is the middle of June.

David: Improve standard SQL syntax highlighting. This might not be achievable for this release. I'll add it to the P3s. We have highlighting, but it's not complete.

David: Bundle SQL Workbench with NB. The installer team should own this.

Jayashri: If we stick to to bundling then you're right. But not if we go beyond bundling. I'll own this for now.

David: Invoke SQL Workbench from NB. I have this.

David: Generate INSERT statements from a result set. We might be able to take this off the list. I'll take a look at it myself.

David: Quick view of table and column info. These are nice, but I'm willing to take them off for now.

Andrei: This could be a lot of work, especially when dates become involved. The component that needs to be modified for this to happen is the Database Explorer. This would be a lot of work.

David: I know a lot about this. Getting the information is easy; displaying it is hard.

Andrei: I'm not sure if this is a P2. There are no user requests for this.

David: Export schema to SQL DDL. This would be hard to do for all the databases. I'd like to do this if we can. I don't want to do this without a support of tool that already does this. I'll take this and put it to the top of P3.

John: I have SQL history. I'll also take the code snippets for SQL.

David: All of us who have ownership, look at what you've got. Please let us know if it's too much. Or if you want more, let us know too.

John: Don't we need to have a JDBC driver registered?

David: Yes, it'll be using JDBC underneath, you just don't need to type in a URL. You use the dialog box to create the URL.

Andrei: Hopefully it will be a lot easier for non-Java people to use.

Jayashri: Supporting MySQL: What are the things we are doing that are specific to MySQL.

David: What we're doing is the improve the SQL, which makes working with all databases easier.

Jayashri: We should maybe try to do some specific for MySQL without sacrificing the SQL improvements.

Check the wiki for the owners of various features.

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