Database Tool Ideas

This page is a brainstorming page to allow you to add your ideas/proposals for what we could do to improve (or revolutionize) database tooling in NetBeans.

Please add a section for each idea. If you have a link to an Issuezilla feature request, please include it. Others - feel free to comment on the ideas here. If something seems to have traction, we should add it to Issuezilla and track it there.


Visual O/R Mapping tool

My idea here is to provide a tool where you have on one side your E/R view of the database and on the other side a UML view of your domain classes, and using simple graphical mechanisms you can build or refine the mapping between them.

This tool should be usable not only in Java-land but in any OO-based language that has some sort of O/R mapping technology (e.g. JRuby).

-- DavidVanCouvering March 25, 2007

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