DB tools plan for next release

DB in 6.9 is in maintenance only.

Areas below will be considered for a release after 6.9.


  • Persistence Querying from Netbeans
I've been taking a look at this plugin for Persistence Querying from Netbeans and looks pretty good

I suggested to extend the current SQL editor with Persistence stuff (which the IDE really need) but I tried to get a tutorial on it but couldn't fid it. Here are my proposed upgrades so far and I'll appreciate any idea/link for each so I can provide to the team:

   1. Use existing providers: a way to detect persistence providers
   2. Make the editor project sensitive so it can retrieve its Persistence.xml (if present)
   3. Access to defined named queries (tied somehow to #2)

Javier A. Ortiz Bultrón
Quality Assurance Engineer
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SQL Code Completion improvements

  • Issue 172280 - CC for CREATE TABLE statement
  • Issue 163595 - Show column details as docs for columns in code completion

Other SQL Editor improvements

  • Issue 155168 - Error highlighting in SQL code
  • CC in Stored procedures???
  • Editing PL/SQL code
  • Support JPQL???

ER Diagram

  • Simplify using ERD plugin as a "View ERD" action on DB connection
  • definitely out of scope is editing ER Diagram anytime soon

SQL Snippets (providing SQL command history)

  • Have a keystroke to bring up a snippets view
  • type a table name or table.column name. All snippets that refer to that table are made visible
  • you can then select the one you want
  • (consult with PHP team)
  • Tracked as Issue 134113


  • usecase: storing user's database from DB server where it was created by EE runtime from JPA entity code the user wrote in his project - currently in the workflow there is no way for the user to store the DB schema to a file using an action in the IDE, the user needs to use external tools (e.g. export command provided by the database engine)
  • usecase: deploying DB schema on another server
  • Grab/Recreate improvements
  • Grab/Recreate can recreate a table including data
  • Data import/export (Issue 155358)
  • ability to view and delete all constraints related to table
  • smart deletion of tables that analyses constraint dependencies and drop constraints in the right order.

Possible solutions

  • using DDLUtils
    • can work for all usecases except data transfer
      • drop table with constraints
      • generate SQL creation script for table/database
      • migrate database structure to another DB server
    • Risks: DDLUtils library seems to be not maintained anymore => cannot fix possible bugs in third-party code (so far I found just one problem when reading column with name 'i+d' on MySQL)
  • using current NetBeans API
    • existing "Grab Structure/Recreate Table" works mainly for same DB. Possible to get SQL script for all tables with little coding but cannot change this script for different target DB.
    • data export/import maybe possible with existing View Data feature

Various RFEs

Support for refactoring DB

  • Rename column across all files in a project
  • Implement "Find Usages" for DB objects (Issue 155151)
  • Allow to register own listener on DB changes in code-generator based on DB schema
  • But
  • it's not as common a use case and
  • it sounds complicated to get right

Better support for different SQL dialects

  • Using 'proprietary' types for different JDBC drivers
    • we cannot get more information from metadata by driver. Other proprietary things are stored in system tables and we can query database to get them (e.g. definition of stored procedures or triggers in Oracle database)
  • (JDK6 has new support for JDBC 4.0)


For reference: Database support development plan for NetBeans 6.8

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