NetBeans 6 Database Planning

This is the main page for planning NetBeans 6 database features.


The primary goals for this release for databases are:

  • Integration of Visual Web Pack into NetBeans - This includes the open-sourcing of the Visual Web pack, and aligning database functionality within the Visual Web project type with the underlying NetBeans functionality such as the database explorer.
  • Import Creator Projects - Currently projects written in Creator can not be imported into NetBeans as a Visual Web project. This needs to be supported in NetBeans 6

Other areas of work include

  • Migrate VWP away from a proprietary implementation of JDBC rowsets to the standard reference implementation
  • If possible, initial support or JPA in the Visual Web project type
  • General bugfixing and minor improvements to NetBeans database support

however, our priority for this release is strongly on VWP integration and Creator project import.

High Level Tasks/Deliverables

This section identifies the high level tasks that are needed to accomplish our goals. We provide links that provide a more detailed description/analysis of each of these.

From this analysis of our high-level tasks, we'll identify the full set of tasks and assign resources to each of these tasks.

Visual Web integration into NetBeans

Query Editor upgrades

Creator import support

  • Services Tab - Creator allows multiple services (web services, EJBs, databases) to be bound to visual components, not just databases as in the Visual Web Pack. We need to bring the concept of the "services tab" into NetBeans so that Creator projects that use non-relational services can be imported.
  • Modify import functionality as needed to support database aspects of importing Creator 2 projects

Database Drivers

Other Tasks

  • Use standard rowsets - Migrate the rowsets used by visual web from com.sun.sql.rowset to javax.sql.rowset
  • Installing Java DB - Understand issues around including Java DB in base NetBeans install and looking for possible solutions.
  • NetBeans Issuezilla Items - A list of feature requests and bugs logged in Issuezilla that are under consideration
  • Save Passwords - Save connection passwords between sessions

Not achievable

These items were suggested but we do not believe they are achievable in the given time-frame

  • Query editor supports JPQL/EJBQL as well as SQL
  • Query editor supports full code completion for JPQL and SQL
  • Drag-and-drop design-time support for JPA entity beans Note: perhaps this can be achieved as part of the services tab work with support from the JPA folks... ??
  • Support for disconnected database app development - this implies caching of database metadata in the project.

Future plans will be outlined in NetBeans.Next Database Planning

Functional Specifications

At some point these functional specs will be tied into our task list, but for now you can find them at DatabaseNB6FunctionalSpecs

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