Database I-Team Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Jim Davidson, John Baker, Andrei Badea, Jayashri Visvanathan, David Van Couvering

Schedule and Bugs

  • No P1 or P2 bugs
  • Hard to find P3 bugs within a category that belong to db
  • Beta2 date: October 8 code freeze, October 22 go live is the latest

New Database Driver Bundling (John Baker)

  • Updated spec over the weekend - Andrei had provided another way to load the drivers on startup, thanks Andrei
  • I had first thought to use the APIs, but I think it's better to use the layer file
  • Started implementing the feature
  • Library wrapper: having to cut-and-paste that other wrappers have done by hand rather than using the tool. Wizard can't do it inside NB CVS yet. Also can't put more than one license file in using the wizard.
  • Andrei: suggest looking at TopLink library in toplink/lib - in pretty good shape
  • Andrei: you do need to specify a license for the NBM. The license of the NBM should be a combination of the licenses included in the bundle. John will consider that - he talked to somebody and he didn't think he had to do it.
  • Jayashri: Do you need a license for a component that is part of the product? Jayashri will double-check with Darin. Andrei had talked to Jarda Tulach, and he says it's common to include license in the NBM, but always good.
  • We should use the Postgres driver that QE tests with. David will check with the Postgres team if the version we're considering seems reasonable: But in the worst case we can always include it in the update center.
  • jTDS ruled out because QE is not testing it
  • John: in 6.0 release notes no information about what drivers we support. It was there in the NB 5.5 visualweb release notes. Jim intends to update the release notes before we ship. James is doing release notes now. jTDS and DataDirect should be listed in the "should work" category

Storing passwords between sessions (Jim Davidson)

  • Needed a couple of approvals: Petr Suchomel - says no real requirements. David disagrees, ARC can be very anal about this. Jim is going to scramble, but no changes to file access.
  • Need to include in the dialog a warning about how this is insecure.
  • UI component because the message changes, so needs UI change approval
  • Half done in the implementation, finish in the next few days, and Planning

  • Jim Davidson has started a page for database planning
  • David will pull together a list of popular tools and we'll work on divying these up to analyze what cool things they have
  • David will summarize results from interviews as input to the prioritization
  • We will prune this to the top six high-level things and then get votes from the community
  • We want to make sure we're going after innovation, not just incremental features
  • We'll meet in two weeks to look at our data and come up with our short list.

Other items

  • We need to update - we haven't heard from James. Jayashri will talk to James to remind him to look at this or find out if he doesn't have time.
  • Honza is David's new manager
  • David: three more interviews today
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