Database I-Team Meeting - September 2, 2008

Attendees: David Van Couvering, Roman Mostyka, Jayashri Visvanathan, Andrei Badea, John Baker, Rob Englander, and James Branam


  • Bugs, bugs, bugs
  • Unit testing and Hudson build

David: Andrei, thank you for fixing the P1.

Andrei: The core problem is that a lot of database connections are non-API. There's a method that does a new database connection, and it didn't have a JDBC connection.

Jayashri: Last time I looked we had 93 bugs.

Andrei: We have 97 now

David: We're shooting for 70. This should be doable.

David: I'd like to see 50 if we can do it, but 70 is not bad.

Jayashri: I changed the target from 50 to 70. The boundary is 10-15%or so above the target. We don't track boundaries.

David: Our internal goal should be 50.

Jayashri: The SQL Editor should be moved out of DB and to Visual Web.

John: I should go after the most important bugs?

Jayashri: Yes

David: We need to go after the bugs that are really bothering users.

Jayashri: A NetCAT users wrote that tables didn't show up in code completion, but columns do. There was some email exchange about this.

Andrei: Have the user file an issue.

Jayashri: He already has.

David: I've set up an infrastructure where you can test databases.

Andrei: Metadata model: before the change, it was run against an embedded database and an MySQL server. The other thing that I didn't like is that the DB explorer was used to make the connection.

David: the problem was with Derby, some tests require the DB explorer connection. This can be a problem with Derby when you have more than one connection.

Andrei: This can be dealt with by cloning the previous connection.

David: After each test, the database connection is supposed to be shut down. I'll work on this some more.

Andrei: You need to make sure that the embedded derby driver gets into the binary test distribution. There is no property for the JDBC jar file for the driver.

David: It should run with embedded Derby out of the box.

Andrei: There's a different who is testing. Roman or users. Users can just put the driver on the class path and the JDBC class name in properties. You don't need the Database explorer to connect.

David: when I used the DB explorer for everything, I saw a lot of bugs I hadn't seen before. This is a positive thing.

Jayashri: Next week we'll talk about creating a screencast showing the new database features. All of you please write something about your area. Andrei and James can do it in Prague. It would be great to get out before FCS.

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