Database I-Team Meeting - October 14, 2008

Attendees: David Van Couvering, Roman Mostyka, John Baker, Rob Englander, Andrei Badea, and James Branam


  • Tasks

Roman: As far as I know there is a 6.5 branch now. Trunk is open for integration.

David: I promised to evaluate bugs and look for P1s. I'll have to check where we stand. We have 6 P2s and 83 P3s. It has gone back up a bit, but that's normal.

Roman: P2s should be marked as patch 1.

David: We should work on the P2s. Also, let's continue planning.

John: Evaluation work. Competitive analysis. Looking at Eclipse. No drivers are bundled.

Roman: I get to my competitive analysis after RC1. I can work more on this next week.,

Andrei: Screencast. I plan to deliver it on Thursday. I have the scripts on Sakila, Dataview and SQL History. I'll also add SQL code completion to this somehow. Are there any other areas that should be covered?

David: We should show that you can create the sample databases.

John: Th goal of my part is to add a table to Sakila.

Andrei: No problem. I can show both.

John: If you have any questions, send me email.

David: Prototype for SQL completion. I've heard that there are two ways: semantic and lexical lexels.

Andrei: The problem is determining the SQl in the PHP. The easier route is lexical. It's about tokening. We should use this in the SQL Editor. If we can do this, then we can provide syntactic highlighting in the string literal. Providing coloring will be tricky. I wouldn't even go there.

David: Next week we can go into more detail on the design.

Andrei: I also have to work on some changes to the metadata model.

Rob: I have two database root nodes in m sandbox. I'm moving the nodes over to a new modules. I also have the registration module for editing nodes. All this will start using Andrei's metadata model.

David: I've been working with Kuldip and Wen on helping integrate NetBeans more with MySQL users. There's a new Facebook app that I want to look at. There is also a MySQL University that I'll be doing. Also a request from Kuldip to do a webinar at the time of the 6.5 launch to demonstrate NetBeans and MySQL. I've also met the Workbench folks and have been talking to them about how we support the tool. Also, There's a plugin on how to creating a visual database explorer. I want to go through this. I'll show it to you to next week. I haven't had any more interviews with PHP developers.

David: Next week. We'll figure out the agenda at the end of the week. We need to have a solid idea of what we'll doing for NetBeans 7. What's feasible, What makes sense, etc. Also, some technical deep diving on what we've been doing.

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