Database I-Team Meeting - November 4, 2008

Attendees: David Van Couvering, Jayashri Visvanathan, Rob Englander, Andrei Badea, and James Branam


  • Status

David: New sample database: Consulting Agency in addition to Sakila.

James: I'm planning to write a Sakila tutorial after the 6.5 release.

Jayashri: This database was written by Matt.

David: Our P2s are down: only 4.

Jayashri: Great job, everyone. I'll ping Ahi.

David: Actually we have 5 P2s. Ahi's team has 3 P2s. One of the P2s won't go into the patch.

David: We have 15 still open for patch 1 (8 are owned by Ahi's team)

Jayashri: I'm not sure if all of these should be patch candidates. P2 can be considered, not P3s. P3s can go into subsequent patches, not patch 1.

David: 7.0. I'm starting to do some stuff. I've been talking with the MySQL team. I'll talk to John. I need to see a proposal on how the API will be built.

James: Can we get you to redo the MySQL University screencast for the docs team?

David: Actually it's what Andrei did in his screencast.

David: Any database-related to databases should be put on the MySQL website.

Jayashri: We need to use some more non-Visual Web JSF tutorials.

David: We also need to get some PHP/MySQL tutorials.

James: I'll talk to our PHP writer about this.

Jayashri: We need to start working on 7.0 pages. We need to have a solid plan. Usability, quality,a and performance are keywords for 7.0. We need to come up with a plan for the UI part.

David: Romans wants to categorize all of our open bugs under dialogs.

David: Rob, could you come up with a plan for UI changes (working with Mike and Roman)? The plan should have a higher priority than coding.

Jayashri: John J-C want to have a project review. I mentioned to him the database explorer. We need to know what we're going to do.

David: The work Roman wants to do is important for going further. Rob, can we split this up by bug number, range or dialog?

Rob: It's possible, but it could take some time to coordinate. I'll see what I can do. Maybe we can put this in place for Roman

Andrei: I'm now on the call. I'm working on SQL completion in PHP. I already some things done. Overall, it looks promising.

David: If we wanted to add colorization to this, would it be possible?

Andrei: This should be possible. It's about parsing statements. Colorizing might be use the highlighting layer. The red squiggly is an API. It's a matter of extracting a PHP string from a PHP file and parsing it, and then looking at database tables.

David: If you can find out, great. If not, please send me the name of the person I should talk to.

Jayashri: Andrei, we talked about code completion. You mentioned completion for database table and column names.

Andrei: Once I have this implemented for PHP, it should be able to do it or another language.

Jayashri: We need to come up with quality criteria for P3s.

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