Database I-Team Meeting - November 25, 2008

Attendees: David Van Couvering, John Baker, Jayashri Visvanathan, Rob Englander, Nike Radosti, Roman Mostyka, Andrei Badea, and James Branam


  • Patch 1 status
  • Setting up a team repo and team build
  • Prioritizing UI issues
  • Round table status on 7 feature work

David: Some of my issues were pushed to path 2. I had made patch 1 a priority, and then I couldn't get into it.

Roman: November 21 was cutoff date for patch 1. We have 18 DB issues for patch 1. #149967 is also patch 1.

John: The cutoff date was Prague time.

David: I'll make issue #149967 a priority.

Roman: Also, please do #148737. No schedule for patch 2 yet. 7 issue should be patch 2, they didn't make the criteria for patch 1.

David: Last Friday I checked in changed to Meta API and broke some unit tests. Maybe we should set up a team repository.

Roman: I'm not sure if I'll have time for this this week.

David: We'll see how much work it is.

Jayashri: We'll need a machine for this. Hudson can help us build a repository, but we'll need to host it somewhere. We'll have to find a machine and someone to maintain the build. Maybe the whole team can share a build. I'll try to find a machine.

David: I'd like to set up a Derby and MySQL server.

David: Code freeze for 7.0 Milestone 1.

Jayashri: The schedule has been changed. It looks like there will be no M1, but I'm not sure.

David: the Metadata API was supposed to be M1.

David: Maybe we can prioritize UI changes at the UI meeting.

Mike: We can certainly do this at the UI meeting.

7.0 Features Roundtable

Rob: I've been doing commit every couple of days, integrating Metadata API into the explorer. I'm down to columns now. The only elemental are indexes and foreign keys. I've started to use the new model. It's going well.

David: I feel confident about this.

Rob: there is a lot of work separating the stuff out from the node input classes. I finish all of the objects, and then I'll start to work on refactoring. Of course, this includes unit tests. UI stuff: I've been trying to pushing everything that UI-related into M3. I've identified which ones are 7.0, and which ones are next.

Jayashri: Remember that UI freeze happens before code freeze, probably a month before.

David: My experience is that UI freeze occurs about two week after the last milestone.

Mike: The official UI meeting time is Wednesday at 11 a.m. PST.

Jayashri: For 6.5, UI freeze was six weeks before code freeze, about two weeks after Beta.

John: I've been updating my one-pagers. I've started cleaning up some warnings, but now my repository has messed up. (Inaudible after this point) I have some prototypes I've worked on. I'll need to talk to you about the naming. Also, there shouldn't be any reason why we couldn't bundle the MySQL docs with NB. I'm in contact with MySQL about this. I sent some information to James. They had agreed to generate the docs.

David: We need to get the license for the docs and contact them. Then we'll see what has to be done.

David: I was making good progress on the metadata API, but now I need to focus on patch fixed. One issue is taking me long than I'd hoped. Tech council review went well, but there are questions about whether is makes sens to do SQL code completion. The community tends to agree that this is a good thing. To put on todo-list: API review of actions on nodes.

David: I'm meeting with some Derby people about using some Derby features for NB SQL editing. We'll see how we approach this.

James: I'm be working on the last of the 6.5 post-FCS documentation.

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