Database I-Team Meeting - June 24, 2008

Attendees: David Van Couvering, Roman Mostyka, Jayashri Visvanathan, James Branam, Ahimanikya.Satapathy, Andrei Badea


  • M1 Status
  • M2 Status
  • QA Status/Plans
  • Passdown, Gossip, Rumors, Innuendo

David: great progress on the Dataview stuff. I'm happy with it. The basic stuff is working.

Ahi: I think everything should work as planned. The store procedure: maybe I should test this.

David: Thanks to you and your team.

David: DataView repository hasn't been integrated yet. When it' s there you all should have commit privileges.

David: Andrei has checked in the first half of his code completion work.

David: Milestone 1 is now in High Resistance mode.

David: we can make changes to the UI until the UI freeze, which is in about 4 weeks. I think we're in good shape. The SQL history is in, although there are some bugs. I'll be working on API changes for M2: create JDBC connections, and changes to the Database Explorer API, and Sakili database support. It's a 2 MB database. We want to add it as a plugin. It's used by a lot of people.

Ahi: We need some customizable actions for the Database Explorer.

David: I'll try to get as much done as possible.

Ahi: I'll try to test this for you offline.

David: we can do it over Issuezilla. I'll be discussing it on the dev alias. I'll write the spec up and you can test it.

David: Organizational changes again.

Ahi: Database guys were consolidated.

All: Discussed restructuring. Emphasis is now on MySQL, even though other databases are still supported. PostGreSQL has a definite niche.

Jayashri: We have a branch for M!, and the trunk is open for M2 stuff.

Roman: I'm on schedule with the database functionality. I'll test DataView when I hear from you.

David: The Metadata API needs to be in 6.5.

Andrei: I can't have the Metadata model done by 6.5. We'll try to integrate it into a version post-6.5.

David: Ahi, maybe can review your API specifications.

Ahi: I'm planning to start on this soon. Basic database SQL objects. We were thinking about using some kind of model.

Andrei: We were talking about metadata.

Ahi: There are two different aspects. and metadata is one of them. The other model (SQL) depends on it.

David: This is to visually represent columns and such?

Ahi: Yes.

David: we need to put some resources behind the model API for the next release.

Andrei: I want to look at the DataView stuff, the I18N, before we integrate. Another thing: we should also look at the code before we integrate. It has changed considerable.

David: Can you spend an hour or two on this?

Andrei: I'll need a day or two for this. I'll be back on Monday, July 7. I hope I'll have time then. If I don't, we'll integrate.

Jayashri: I don't want to integrate during the last week. I want to integrate a week before.

David: I'm merging on a regular basis. It's basically a clone of main. There won't be a lot of surprises when we push it over.

Jayashri: I agree with Andrei in that we should check the I18N first before we integrate.

Andrei: The earliest I can look after the code will be after my vacation.

Jayashri: This will still give us a week to integrate, which is fine.

David: Maybe we should say the middle of July as the deadline for this.

Jayashri: Sounds good.

David: I also have a huge amount to do before I go. I might have time to do just a scan of the source code before I go

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