Database I-Team Meeting - July 8, 2008

Attendees: Roman Mostyka, Jayashri Visvanathan, James Branam, Ahimanikya Satapathy, Andrei Badea


  • Dataview status and integration plan
  • M2 Readiness
  • QE Update
  • Docs Update
  • Open Mic

Jayashri: Integration Plan.

Andrei: I spent most of today looking at DataView. I haven't had much time to look at code. There are UI issues. I won't have more time to spend on this. Overall, I think that the quality is good enough for integration. The issues I know about are fine for 6.5 If I find more I'll find them. They're all in Issuezilla.

Roman: I have tested the DataView module. I'll continue with this. However, there are a lot of small issues. They should be easy to fix.

Jayashri: No showstoppers?

Roman: No showstoppers.

Andrei: I regard DataView as a very useful thing. It should definitely be integrated. I hope the current state is good enough. There are differences in Localization and dialogs between NB and Ahi's team. The concern I have is that this isn't viewed as a problem.

Ahi: I've sent an email about the localization part. There is going to be a lot of effort to do what Andrei is saying.

Jayashri: What are your concerns.

Andrei: The way Localization is done is different than in NetBeans.

Ahi: We explained this before we started.

Andrei: I'd like a copy of the email. For me it's a showstopper.

Jayashri: If given more time, will you be able to fix it?

Andrei: When you put something in NetBeans, you're committed to maintaining it. Will you have time to address issues in DataView?

Jayashri: Ahi has committed to maintaining this and fixing any issues that might come up as a result of this.

Ahi: I'd like to make this a P3 or a P4.

Jayashri: P3 sounds more like it. It's OK to make compromises if quality is not affected. If there are no stoppers, then we are go for 6.5. This hasn't been identified as a showstopper.

Andrei: I'll send to localization issue to Ken Frank, and we'll see what he has to say about it. I view this as a stopper.

Jayashri: This is OK. If Ken sees it as a stopper, then we'll have to fix it. Ahi will have to decided if her has cycles to fix it.

Ahi: If it's determined to me a stopper by L10N, then we'll fix it.

Jayashri: Is it possible to get things integrated into the trunk by Wednesday or Thursday? Andrei, could you do this?

Andrei: I'll be looking at Metadata tomorrow, and I want to look at code completion too.

Jayashri: July 14 will be feature freeze. We need to focus more on quality. I could ask for an exception. Andrei, could you spend a day integrating this.

Andrei: I'll probably have to. I can work on this tomorrow or Thursday. There are two more issues (stoppers): API issues and a UI that needs to be fixed. It'd be good to change to API from public to friend before I integrate.

Ahi: I'll ask somebody how to do this.

Andrei: Assuming that this is done by tomorrow morning, I'll integrate tomorrow. There are a coupl eof more things in the API issue. If you don't have enough time to address them overnight, they can be addressed after integration.

Jayashri: David left some things to integrate too, right?

Andrei: Yes, but I haven't had time to look at them. The API change in dataschema should be OK.

Jayasshri: What else do you have?

Andrei: Metadata model, and metadata code completion.

Jayashri: Please focus on dataview and the APIs. I'll try to get more time for you on code completion. I'll let everyone know about the situation.

Andrei: I'm a little concerned about the P2s and P3s.

Jayashri: Let's just work through them and see where we stand at code freeze. Maybe Roman can help us identify issues important to our users, and address them first.

Roman: I can help with this. Testing of code completion should be done this week. SQL history: there are not a lot of new issues. I want to do more testing for DataView and code completion.

James: No docs support for Milestones 1 and 2. We do plan tutorials for Beta, and Help hand-off is at the end of August, about a week after UI freeze.

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