Database I-Team Meeting - July 22, 2008

Attendees: Roman Mostyka, Jayashri Visvanathan, James Branam, Andrei Badea, John Baker


  • Review P2 bugs.
  • QE update
  • Docs update
  • Open mic

Jayashri: Very good progress on bugs. I'd like to know how far we are from meeting the quality criteria for Beta: 5 P2 bugs. Will we make it?

Jayashri: Issue # 139044.

Andrei: I hope to have it fixed by the end of the week.

Jayashri: I'll ask Ahi for status via email. We'll skip David's issues for now. Will you have time to look at any of David's issues?

Andrei: I'll do my best.

Jayashri: Issue # 135669

John: I think that this was reassigned to me yesterday. I'll try to look at it this week. I'd like to fix it this week.

Jayashri: # 138847

John: I'm looking at it today. I should fix it this week.

Jayashri; # 138852

John: This week. I'll possibly have jury duty next week starting Tuesday, so I have to fix my P2s this week.

Jayashri: # 139912

John: This week. Easy.

Jayashri: # 137106. Ahi should be able to do this one this week.

Jayashri: # 140038. We'll need an update from Ahi on this one.

Jayashri: It seems that all of the bugs except for a couple should be fixed this week, unless we get more this week.

Roman: Many exceptions in DB Explorer. Some are P3, but some should be P2. This makes a bad impression. For examples, connection issues with MySQL. We need to look at these issues. They are new exceptions. For the ones that occur often (MySQL), we should fix them. I filed them last week as P3s, but some should be P2s.

Jayashri: Yes, if they're P3, we might not get to them for Beta.

Jayashri; Have you completed testing of DataView?

Roman: Mostly yes. I'll be testing history, code completion, and DataView again in one cycle. All of the major issues have been filed.

Jayashri: I see a number of exceptions for the Explorer on the dashboard. Are these the ones that should be upgraded?

Roman: Yes.

James: Docs are in good shape. We plan more database tutorials int he near future.

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