Database I-Team Meeting - January 13, 2009

Attendees: David Van Couvering, John Baker, Rob Englander, Roman Mostyka, Mike Radosti, and James Branam


  • Status of NB 7 features

David: We're planning to rewrite the connection dialog.

Roman: The changes are going to be minor, right?

David: Please talk to Mike about this. Maybe you should go to the UI meeting, but it's too late for you. Maybe we could walk through the spec. We're missing a more complete version of the spec. We need to know how it behaves exactly.

James: Can I send you some FAQs to you guys?

David: Sure.

James: Also, if anybody has any ideas for database docs for 6.5, please send to me.

David: Maybe we could do a tutorial version of the database screencast.

James: I'll do this.

John: I have some stuff I can add to this.

Roman: Back from Christmas and New Years. Exhausting.

Rob: Moving long on the properties stuff.

John: I've done some work with the MySQL documentation. I'm at about 30% done now, maybe more. I've started looking at how the completion works.

David: Please give me some information on how the API looks.

David: I just finished getting the PHP/SQL code completion to work. There were some issues. I just got it working. I've sent it to Petr for review. No I can work on the completion that it independent of PHP.

Mike: I'm almost done with the spec for the new db connection. I have a call scheduled for possible usability tests in the lab. We should test other thing too: PHP, making databases more discoverable in NB.

Mike: We can writ up the test plan to include any number of things. It's up to us.

David: We may want to coordinate with the PHP folks. We should ask about this. Code freeze is February 2. One or two weeks after that should be OK. I'd also like to test the new connection dialog.

Mike: It won't be done for Milestone 2.

David: You and Roman should talk about the new connection dialog.

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