Database I-Team Meeting - January 6, 2009

Attendees: David Van Couvering, John Baker, Rob Englander, Mike Radosti, Jayashri Visvanathan, Roman Mostyka, Ahimanikya Satapathy, Nilesh Apte, and James Branam


  • Status of NB 7 features
  • Patch 2 status
  • Rumor, gossip, and innuendo

John: Working on Save as. We seem to agree on how it should be done. It seems to be working well. If you have a fie that was saved in the userdir. Then if you use Save As, the new directory becomes the default. I've also been looking at bugs. Auto-increment is a priority. Not much time for the documentation. It's been set to Milestone 3.

David: We should get our features done first.

Jayashri: I told John yesterday that it would be nice to wrap up features as soon as possible. Then we'll focus on bugs.

David: There are no areas with lots of bugs. We'll have two weeks of bug fixing later.

David: Rob, you filed a P2 on Metadata being missing.

Rob: I wanted to show the return value as a node under the procedure.

David: I can fix this during bug-fixing time.

Rob: The old implementation showed the return value with no name in it.

John: Defects: I don't have any P2s assigned to me.

David: We'll do bug fixing later. Let's wait.

Rob: I'll see if I can take care of a few.

Rob: I'm cautiously optimistic. I haven't seen many bugs. It seems to be pretty good. I'm easily on target now. Some features still missing, but I see no problems. There is still work to be done, but there is a lot of time.

David: There is a couple of things if you have the time: the Create Table dialog, and a prototype for the Visual Database Explorer. It would be nice to get these done if you have the time.

Jayashri: Roman will be starting his testing when he gets back. He should be informed of this.

Rob: The Explorer touches a lot of stuff.

David: Roman should be informed of any missing elements.

Jayashri: We'll look at the dashboard at the end of Milestone 2 and then we'll see. Our target is 50 bugs. We'll see where we are then.

Rob: There's one issue: When you do a CreateView, when you have a connection that doesn't specify a schema, then when you create a view. The user would then have to enter a qualifier. Should I mark this as a defect?

David: It looks like that when you open a MySQL connection to no database, you can't create a view. This seems like normal behavior to me. You have to specify a database.

Mike: I've been working on the SQL completion connection selection situation. I have a couple of approaches in mind. I hope to have these things by the UI meeting tomorrow.

James; I've been working on things not related to databases: Python mostly.

David: I've been learning the editor infrastructure. I've been learning a lot. The completion in PHP is picky. Mixed strings are a problem. Google has a nice tool for finding code. This has been helpful. Also I'm working on InsertUpdateDelete. I've chosen to not to work with the parsing API that just came out yet. This might happen in the next release. Also, Peter and I will be working on a MySQL/PHP application. We would like to make this into a screencast.

Jayashri: If you see any features that might not make it, please raise red flags now, before we reach Phase 2.

David: What about improving the new connection dialog?

Rob: Got it.

David: Making Database more discoverable?

Mike: I've done a mockup of this feature. Basic ideas.

David: We should probably consider dropping the Import/Export feature.

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