Database I-Team Meeting - December 9, 2008

Attendees: David Van Couvering, John Baker, Rob Englander, Mike Radosti, Jayashri Visvanathan, Roman Mostyka, Manish Bharani, Nilesh Apte, and James Branam


  • No set agenda this week


David: I'll review Nilesh's import and export, virtual database. I want to make sure that the Virtual DB feature is in line with NetBeans' goals.

Jayashri: We need to run it by the Tech Council.

David: We can at least make the Virtual DB support available on the Update Center.

David: We're working on 7.0 features. The codeline opens up again on the 10th. Right now we're doing bugs, and are in high resistance. Thanks to the guys in India for staying this late.

John: I've started looking at issues on the Java DB properties dialog. Also the Create Table dialog. I have suggested fix for the Open IDE save as feature. MySQL docs: I'll send our suggestion to them as soon as I can.

David: I've finished the metadata API work. It allows you to use a non-jDBC API to get information on a schema. It'll eventually become a public API. I'm starting to look at PHP code completion.

Nilesh: Most of the dataview stuff was done by Ahi and ..... Manish and myself will be getting involved in the dataview stuff. Manish will be working on the import/export.

Manish: I'll also be working on the Virtual Database with a few of my colleagues.

Roman: I sent an email about bit-type support in dataview. It's about the column view. Issue # 154855. We need to be consistent.

Mike: I finished fleshing out the test connection part of the new connection dialog. I'm going through and adding more details noted.

Jayashri: Phase 2 is still on hold.

Rob's demo:

The approach is to make the explorer tree work better. Old tree: tables, views, and procedures are under the database connection node. The new tree has new layers: catalog, schema. Tables, views, and procedures are now under the schema node. From there down, things are the same. This also uses the new metadata API (the node model itself). If a catalog isn't specified, then all catalogs are displayed (just like under the database node in the old version). When you have multiple schemas, you'd get all the schemas with a special icon for the default schema. We could possible use bold text instead of another icon for the default schema.

Rob: This rewrite has touched a huge amount of the code. The biggest area is the idea of node properties from the old model. The hierarchy is hard to follow. I'm trying to implement this in a different way. It will be one set of diffs.

David: I'm concerned that opening two extra nodes might result in some complaints. Maybe we can use a mouseover or something for identifying schema node.

Mike: Inconsistency in node deploy shouldn't cause much confusion. One would expect a certain amount of familiarity.

Rob: It would be great to have our own view for tree views.

David: I can't see this happening, but we can work with Open IDE to enhance the API.

Mike: I wouldn't want to have something there that doesn't apply, just for the sake of consistency.

David: I'd prefer to go straight to tables, and then see the schemas and catalogs in the properties. I think it's OK to collapse them, just as long as they can see the information somewhere.

James: These demos are great. It's good to see new features in action.

David: We should also blog about these things.

Jayashri: Maybe we can get John do do demo of Save As next week.

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