Database I-Team Meeting - December 2, 2008

Attendees: David Van Couvering, John Baker, Rob Englander, Nike Radosti, Roman Mostyka, and James Branam


  • Patch 1 status
  • Setting up a team repo and team build
  • Prioritizing UI issues
  • Round table status on 7 feature work

David: we need to look at the list of features and think about what we can cut.

Rob: My plan: I hope that when the trunk open again on Dec. 12, I want to push a change that will eliminate the original tree. Everybody needs to see it, so that we can look at it. Unit tests will also be done on the 12th.

David: we care committed to having 50 bugs open when we're done. We currently have 110.

John: I was wondering about the documentation. Adding the reference topics to the Help is doable, but the completion is questionable. We'll need some assistance from the MySQL team on this. I Think it's doable if I get the assistance.

David: John, please follow up with MySQL team to see if they can do this for us and when.

David: Mike has "make schemas visible", "new connection dialog", "selecting a connection for a project", and "making DB features more discoverable". Are you OK with this? M2 ends Feb, 18.

Mike: I can do this.

David: I have making Metadata APISs public, MySQL functions in completion, and completion in PHP. I should be able to do this.

Rob: Do we want to make the node API public in this release?

David: It's part of the DB module, and this is public. A module can't be both public and friend. So yes, you need to go through API review

David: I'll keep the items under our names, but rename them stretch-goals. James and Roman, do you need to know what's in the release, or can we have stretch goals?

Roman: It's good to know.

James: I don't need to know so much at this point.

Roman: It's better to commit so that I can test it when I have the time.

David: We want to make databases easier to find in the IDE.

James: I rarely get user feedback asking where the databases are.

Roman: Maybe something in the main menu.

Mike: I'd make similar changes.

David: I'll keep it in.

David: Roundtable. I was close to getting the metadata APIs done for M1. Rob is still waiting for primary key and foreign key.

I met with Tor yesterday, and talked about improved SQL Editor functionality. He gave me a lot of good ideas and I have a much better idea how to do this and how to take advantages of GSF and the other editor APIs.

I want to get my bug count down over the next two weeks. If John and I can focus on bug fixing, this would be great.

I'll send an email to Jayashri asking about the rules for committing P3 issues during this stabilization period (followup: Jayashri says it's OK, but focus on P2s and P1s first, of course).

Jayashri and I also talked to Ahi. His team works on tools focusing on data migration. They built a number of features. They also have a product that lets you create a virtual database. It works just like a regular database. They'd like to make a module out of it. Maybe it can be made available as a plugin.

Rob: I've made a rough sketch of the node tree. This is for a UI spec, a change in the way we use day. I've come quite far is getting the whole hierarchy.

John: MySQL documentation: I've inquired about licensing.

David: And there is the concept of SQL console vs. SQL files. It's confusing and we need to figure this out

Mike: I found out how to get new icons. Andrei has offered to mediate this. I'll be in contact with them.

John: I'll enable the save icon, and prompt for the file name.

David: We can name it "SQL Command #" as a temporary file name. Let's drop the .sql part.

Here is a quick summary:

  • When a SQL file is just a "temporary" file used for execution, it's tab will have a different icon and will be named "SQL Command N" (without the .sql suffix)
  • We will get rid of the tool tip, if possible, that shows the full path to the temp file
  • We will enable the save icon on a "temporary" file, and then the Save As dialog will be opened.
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