Database I-Team Meeting - August 5, 2008

Attendees: David Van Couvering, Roman Mostyka, Jayashri Visvanathan, James Branam, Andrei Badea, John Baker


  • Bug Status
  • Plan for Fixing Bugs in Beta Phase

David: Let's check on status of bugs. We have 5 P2s still, and about 132 P3s. We have our work cut out for us. I need to get the Sakila DB plugin done. I also need to work with MySQL people to make sure that MySQL starts and stops right out of the box.

Jayashri: David is the default owner for all subcomponents. Now let's assign the real owners.

The list of subcomponents and owners:

Subcomponent Owner
Code David
DB Schema Andrei
Graphics David (and will reassign if necessary)
MySQL David (and will reassign if necessary)
ShowData Andrei
SQL Editor Andrei
UI David (and will reassign if necessary)
Visual SQL Editor John
WWW David (and will reassign if necessary)
Derby John

John: Which issues fall under UI? Couldn't DB Explorer fall under UI?

David: there are all sorts of interesting things in the UI subcomponents. RunSQL Action, dialogs, MySQL, etc.

Roundtable of bug fixing:

Andrei: I've been looking at bugs in SQL Editor. No major problems. There are some bugs for 6.5, but not many in the SQL Editor. DB Schema. We'll see what's there. 7-8 P3s in DB Schema.

John: A NetCAT user is trying to use the Visual SQL Editor and gets an Out of Memory error. Will Roman have the chance to verify the bug if I fix it?

Jayashri: In the Visual SQL Editor, we should only fix P1s and very important P2s.

David: If the change I suggested doesn't work then we can er-evaluate. It could take a while to create a database with a large data set. We need to test large MySQL data sets.

David: I'm putting stuff on backburners until I fix the Sakila bug. There's the issue of creating a connection and it isn't really connected. we'll want to re-architect the EXPLORER FOR 7.0

Roman: Not many issues now. We've met Beta criteria. We'll be looking at five issues identified for 6.5 I'll try to find more issue to give you more work. lol

Jayashri: We won't hate you if you give us some fixes too.

James: Working on getting tutorials working for 6.5 Beta. Also working in Helpset and on bugs as they come in. Plans to convert tutorials to MySQL for FCS.

Roman: There are some issues that have been incomplete for a while and should probably be closed.

David: Nothing new on DB gossip front. We're still trying to get 5.1 out the door.

Jayashri: We are already frozen for Beta. We hope to get M2 out next week.

David: Is everyone willing to get on IM? Let's try to get on IM. It would help with quick questions.

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