Known problems in Database Tooling area

There are several problems reported occasionally which cannot be solved as bugfix but requires either huge re-design or change of approach in some feature.

Known problems:

  • Wrong version of SwingX in Ubuntu-repo Issue 191325
  • Data table window is commonly initially hidden behind other windows - Issue 182034
  • "Execute Command" on user scott on hr connection should be titled scott/hr 1 instead of "SQL Command 1" - Issue 195880
  • Add 'Auto commit' r/w property on Connection node - Issue 31149
  • Memory / performance issues w/ db - Issue 196112
  • High memory usage when executing a query - Issue 181795
  • Forbid calling Keyring API in EQ - Issue 195943, Issue 195623
  • Cannot add two connection differs only in schema - Issue 199748

Open questions

  • Upgrade SwingX library (many performance problems reported to current version)
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