Feature Owner Milestone Issue Number Comments/Description
PRIORITY 2 - Committed Features
SQL completion in PHP editor davidvc Completed for SELECT command(6.7M2) 155256
Ability to select a connection for SQL completion in PHP mike,davidvc Completed(6.7M2) 155257 Draft wireframe SQLCodeHints_DatabaseFeaturesForNB67.pdf
SQL Code Completion Connection UI Spec SQLCodeCompletion_DatabaseFeaturesForNB67.pdf
SQL completion for insert P2 Completed(6.7M3) Need to impl to make SQL completion consistent for all kinds of commands 155368
SQL completion for update P2 Need to impl to make SQL completion consistent for all kinds of commands 155369
SQL completion for delete P2 Need to impl to make SQL completion consistent for all kinds of commands
Completion for MySQL functions and procedures davidvc P3 M3 140723
Save As for SQL Editor jbaker P2 Completed(6.7M1) 134285 Review page  ; Lots of requests for this
New SQL File template jbaker P2 Completed(6.7M2) 155276
MySQL function documentation in completion john M2 156370 Review Page  ; Have discussed this with MySQL docs team, this seems very doable
MySQL documentation in Help Contents john M3 150201 Review Page  ; Have discussed this with MySQL docs team, this seems very doable
Support auto-generated columns in Create Table UI john M3 57979 Lots of requests for this, big limitation in our Create Table support, prevents a lot of people from using it
Rewrite DB Explorer infrastructure rob P2 Completed (6.7M2) 153153 We just have to do this
Make schemas visible in the Explorer rob, mike Completed (6.7M2) 155259
Improve New Connection Dialog mike,rob Design - M2, Impl - M3 155260 Draft wireframe PDF for the UI
Revised wireframe PDF for the UI
Wireframe and workflow PDF for the Test Connection UI
Make database features more discoverable in NetBeans mike Design-M3
155261 A lot of complaints, hopefully shouldn't be hard to do
Ahi and Team
In-place insert of row in result set ahi TBD 155262 Browse Specifications
Right now it brings up a separate dialog - very non-intuitive and unattractive. Need Excel-style in-place editing of new row. This is important, it leaves a very bad impression.
Export data from results as XML ahi TBD 154739 Browse specifications
Export data from results as CSV ahi TBD 154740 Browse specifications
Import data from CSV ahi TBD 154742 Browse specifications
A cool thing to do here is create the schema as part of import
Import data from XML ahi TBD 154741 Browse specifications

PRIORITY 3 - Nice To Have
Metadata API public davidvc Started M3 - stretch goal 155258
Allow database connections to have names not tied to URL john M3 144112 Lots of requests for this
Make it possible to browse to table directly from MySQL node mike Design - M2? 150660
Ability to filter tables for large schemas 153622 A performance issue. Need to think about how to design this.
Make columns sortable in DB Explorer 155345 Have gotten a number of requests for this. Currently hardcoded to sort by order in table.
Improve Add Column UI 155346
Create a text field above SQL editor that shows current delimiter 155349
Improve Create Table UI 155347 See SQLYog for inspiration. Includes support for auto-increment
Improve Create Index UI 155348
Need UI support for creating a foreign key 155350
After creating a connection, move focus to that connection 150659
Provide action to show procedure text from procedure node 145283
Execute stored procedure does nothing right now 155351 We should get rid of this action if it doesn't work
Provide action to view/edit SQL for a view 155354
Visual Database Explorer TBD 105075 This is basically a read-only E/R diagram. Will be done as a plugin for now.
Predefined code templates for SQL Editor davidvc TBD 152411 Would be great to have this in the code editors too, but that's extra credit.
Import data from JSON ahi 155352
Export data from results as JSON ahi 155353
Support for enable/disable autocommit on connection 65764 To avoid breaking the DB Explorer API, this change will need us to add connection pool support to the DB Explorer, so that autocommit can be set on a pooled connection without impacting other users of the DB connection
Show execution plan for MySQL jbaker 134212 Lots of votes for this - need to understand what this really means.
Matchbox support in results panel ahi 155174 There wasn't time for this in the last release, but is very useful for filtering results
Execute SQL without opening editor 136538 This is something Wen asked for as well. Should be pretty easy to do with SQLExecution API
Navigate foreign key relationships in results ahi 155355 Survey participant idea - very cool.
Completion in Java editor 155356
Set up ssh tunnel in NetBeans davidvc 155357 Supports access to remote services (web, database, debugger). Not sure if feasib
Export schema to SQL DDL davidvc 155358 DDLUtils may give us what we need here with little effort. I think what I want to do here is provide it as a plugin, get feedback, and perhaps incorporate in a followon release
Add a tab to DDL wizards to show resulting SQL as it's being built 155359 See Aqua Studio for an example of this
Make SQLExecution API public 90452 Could be useful to other modules. No specific request for it that I know of...
Better UI support for stored procedures 145284 Currently can't view, update or delete from explorer
Make metadata API public andrei 155258 Not sure if we have time for this, but it's the first step for templating/scripting support
Generate INSERT statements from result set ahi 155360 We already generate code for selected rows, but generating INSERT statement for entire resultset will be nice to have
Schema refactoring 155361 See liquibase refactoring tool, which we could integrate. Things like rename table, combine tables, split table, etc.
Show triggers and functions as well as procedures under a MySQL Connection 155362 See Aqua Studio for an example
Quick view of table info Not Staffed 134213 SqlYog has a nice feature where there is a tab called "Object Info" that shows the data for the selected object (table, index, view).
Quick view of column info Not Staffed 134214 SQLYog again: each column shows all the information without having to bring up a dialog
Full support for MySQL extensions in DDL wizards 155363 When it's a MySQL connection, add all the extra stuff to our wizards.
Support logging JDBC driver 155364 See log4jdbc
Versioning for SQL files 155365 Maybe we have this, but there are a lot of requests for it
Schema browse filters 153622 Some schemas are huge. Allow to filter what tables you pull down when browsing a schema
Better support for constraints 155366 Currently hidden and not well supported in DB Explorer. Support dropping tables in right order
Detect SQL injection risks in PHP code 155370 This is actually a big issue for PHP developers
Generate PHP REST endpoints from DB tables 155371 Very useful for Javascript/JMaki front ends. This may belong with WS team. Note I have contacted the Srividhya and her team is looking into this.
Read/write metadata API 155367 Support scripts that modify the db schema
SQL completion for keywords 140274 Start with Mysql
SQL completion for stored procedures 151282 Start with MySQL

Future Ideas

This section lists areas that we believe are useful but which are not even stretch goals for this release

Developer improvements

Feature Owner Milestone Issue Number Comments/Description
Integrate dbUnit support Needs more research - survey participant idea

SQL Editing/Execution/Results

Feature Owner Milestone Issue Number Comments/Description
Debug stored procedures and triggers This requires support from the vendor. MySQL first, PostgreSQL second
SQL "lint" that tells you whether SQL is standard or not Idea from survey user
Ability to plug in SQL dialect This allows other SQL procedural languages to be supported

Procedural language support This includes things like unused variables, goto declaration, basic refactoring, etc. MySQL first, PostgreSQL second

Schema management

Schema migrations Provide SQL-based migrations ala Ruby on Rails. Related to schema refactoring below, but this has to do with versioning...
Schema compare/diff Note this is already supported in MySQL WorkBench, but we want a generic solution (not specific to MySQL)

Data Management

Feature Owner Milestone Issue Number Comments/Description
Import/export from/to another database This could import/export the schema too
Import data from XML
Export data to CSV
Export data to XML
Import data from JSON
Export data to JSON


Feature Owner Milestone Issue Number Comments/Description
Manage users
Manage rights for users (GRANT/REVOKE)
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