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Here we will define the priorities of what open source modules Sun should invest to make NB a better tool for the community. The list is based on the full list of ModuleIdeas

Priority list of VincentBrabant:

  1. ClearCase
  • because it's used a lot in companies like mine.
  • Currently the poor CC support of netbeans is a blocking issue for usage of NetBeans in our company.
  1. Struts
  • If we can have a better support for Struts, it will be really nice.
  • Struts is one of the most used framework for web development until now.
  1. Hibernate Support
  • because we are always using Java EE 1.3 (but Java SE 1.4) as a lot of other companies.
  • So, usage of JPA and Java EE 6 is not yet for tomorrow
  1. WebSphere Support
  • it was not in the list but I would like to see a better Websphere support in the pipeline
  1. Javascript
  • Javascript take a more important place in the development. So a good support of Javascript will be nice.
  • Also a end to end debugger should be nice
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