DTrace is a very powerful instrument and can be used to promote Open Solaris as a development and deployment platform. D-Light Toolkit provides all infrastructure to collect data using dtrace (and not only dtrace but any other data collector), put it into a storage and provide information collected to end user using NetBeans IDE. C/C++ Observability Tool(codename Gizmo) will be built on top of D-Light Toolkit. D-Light Toolkit itself in NetBeans is not going to be directly available to end users and will be just a tool for other toolmakers. All the visualizers are just a library of predefined widgets that might be used by NetBeans developers.

Features and tasks planned for NetBeans 7.0

  • D-Light Toolkit provides all machinery to run target, attach data collectors, store data collected in storage and visualize data using data providers
  • DTrace as a data collector
  • Stack data collector (using dtrace)
  • Remote execution
  • Indicators along with data collectors for the following areas should be provided: CPU, Memory usage, Sync (will be used by !CND team to create C/C++ Observability Tool
  • Visualizers along with data collectors should be provided to show and gather information at least for the following areas:
  • Hot spot functions list(+ callers/callees), Memory usage, Synchronization. These visualizers will be used by CND team to create C/C++ Observability Tool.
  • Simple table visualizers
  • Different workflow should be supported: Gizmo-like (the tools set is predefined, all tools are ran on project RUN) and D-Light-like (user selects tools to work with, and runs project in profiling mode)
  • Timeline functionality.
  • XY plots visualizers(nice to have)

Significant features and tasks not planned for NetBeans 7.0

  • D-Light Tool wizard - to create own DLight Tool
  • Public API

Interactions with other features and teams

  • Simple Observability Tool (Gizmo) will be built on the base of D-Light Toolkit.
  • WebStack observability tool will be build on the base of D-Light Toolkit. For implementing this functionality DTrace probes in PHP, MySQL, Apache should be selected. User scenario should be described.

High level design

High level design description of D-Light Toolkit can be found here DLightToolkitDesign

API Review

  • An explanation of the change in architecture or API - New API.
  • A list of the interfaces impacted by the change that the module offers (imports) and depends on (exports)- NO
  • Stability category - no public interfaces, friends for cnd and php.
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