Cross-platform Mobile Software Application Development

(by Caesar Ogole)

Have you been wondering how you can write computer software applications that run not only on one, but on most of the common mobile phone operating systems? You have found yourself at the right place!

This Contribution (tutorial) introduces you to the use of the NetBeans IDE in the development of mobile software applications that run on multiple platforms. It explains how to setup the development environment, involving J2ME, Nokia's software development tools, and the Palm and Symbian phone operating Systems. You will also learn how to deploy your mobile applications to the mobile devices as well as the servers.

NB: You are urged to try and (you should) use some of the most recent and robust versions of the tools mentioned here.

Here is the tutorial (in pdf): Cross-platform Mobile Software Application Development.

Translation in some African language (Leb Lango / Luo) available (here) 

You can also edit this page(at your leisure) and make this tutorial available in web page format. For this purpose, I will avail you with the word doc: Tutorial.doc

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