New Features that has to be tested for Milestone 1 of NB 6.5


New Features

Core/Platform new features

  • (TESTED) UNC Paths - 46813
  • what/how test
  • works only on Windows when you create a UNC path (like
    saaaf004\homes\olscha2\My Documents)
  • user can use UNC path in IDE for userdir, project location, jdk, install directory
  • needs to be tested for all project types
  • Scenarios
  • create/open project at UNC path (all types - all teams)
  • start IDE with userdir/jdkhome in UNC path
  • start IDE in UNC path. If installer cannot install into UNC path unzip NB there
  • add JDK platform in UNC path to IDE
  • (TESTED)TreeTableView 2 - 133929
  • used in Local history
  • Update bubble improvements
  • Explorer fitness - phase 1. preparation
  • (TESTED)Allow to pre select subcategory in Miscellaneous category
  • Files Association in Options
  • (TESTED)Do not assume VM is running on JDK
  • part 1
  • sliding window supports original window sizes
  • window system effects configuration in apisupport
  • Nimbus look and feel
  • Enhanced java webstart support

Issues fixed to M1

  1. TM == 6.5 M1
  2. TM == 6.5 && date < M1.releaseDate
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