Improvement of the components/subcomponents in core/openide in Issuezilla


The current list of subcomponents in openide/core components in Issuezilla overlaps and it isn't clear to users where they should file their bugs.

TODO list

New design

  • Table of platform subcomponents mapping
New IZ subcomponent
in platform component
Old component/subcomponent Default owner
of new subcomponent
Modules in Hg Jars in NB
Actions openide/actions jrechtacek openide.actions org-openide-actions.jar
Data Systems openide/data systems jskrivanek openide.loaders org-openide-loaders.jar
Dialogs&Wizards core/dialogs
jrechtacek openide.dialogs org-openide-dialogs.jar
Text openide/editor mslama openide.text org-openide-text.jar
Execution openide/execution
t_h openide.execution org-openide-execution.jar
^ ^ ^ core.execution org-netbeans-core-execution.jar
Explorer&Property Sheet openide/explorer
openide/property sheet
t_h openide.explorer org-openide-explorer.jar
Filesystems openide/filesystems
openide/FS extension
jskrivanek openide.filesystems org-openide-filesystems.jar
^ ^ ^ masterfs org-netbeans-modules-masterfs.jar
Lookup openide/lookup jtulach openide.util  ?
Module System openide/modules
jglick openide.modules org-openide-modules.jar
^ ^ ^ o.n.bootstrap boot.jar
^ ^ ^ core.startup core.jar
^ ^ ^ o.n.core org-netbeans-core.jar
Nodes openide/nodes t_h openide.nodes org-openide-nodes.jar
Progress core/progress t_h api.progress org-netbeans-api-progress.jar
^ ^ ^ progress.ui org-netbeans-modules-progress-ui.jar
Outline&TreeTable openide/tree table view jrechtacek o.n.swing.outline org-netbeans-swing-outline.jar - Or maybe create new subcomponent for Outline?
Window System core/graphics
core/window system
core/window system 1
openide/window system
issues@platform org-openide-windows.jar
^ ^ ^ core.ui org-netbeans-core-ui.jar
^ ^ ^ core.nativeaccess org-netbeans-core-nativeaccess.jar
^ ^ ^ libs.jna org-netbeans-libs-jna.jar
^ ^ ^ applemenu org-netbeans-modules-applemenu.jar
^ ^ ^ o.n.swing.plaf org-netbeans-swing-plaf.jar
^ ^ ^ o.n.swing.tabcontrol org-netbeans-swing-tabcontrol.jar
^ ^ ^ openide.awt org-openide-awt.jar
^ ^ ^ org-netbeans-core-windows.jar
^ ^ ^ core.multiview org-netbeans-core-multiview.jar
Directory Chooser core/dirchooser dsimonek o.n.swing.dirchooser org-netbeans-swing-dirchooser.jar
Favorites core/favorites mslama favorites org-netbeans-modules-favorites.jar
Help System core/help system obarbashov javahelp org-netbeans-core-javahelp.jar
Navigator core/navigator dsimonek spi.navigator org-netbeans-spi-navigator.jar
Options & Settings core/options jskrivanek options.api org-netbeans-modules-options-api.jar
^ ^ ^ openide.options org-openide-options.jar
Output Window core/output t_h core.output2 org-netbeans-core-output2.jar
^ ^ ^ org-openide-io.jar
Palette core/palette saubrecht spi.palette org-netbeans-spi-palette.jar
Property Editors core/property editors jrechtacek
Quick Search core/quicksearch dsimonek spi.quicksearch org-netbeans-spi-quicksearch.jar
Other core/code
issues@platform openide.util org-openide-util.jar
^ ^ ^ core.kit org-netbeans-modules-core-kit.jar
^ ^ ^ queries org-netbeans-modules-queries.jar
^ ^ ^ openide.compat org-openide-compat.jar
^ ^ ^ openide.util.enumerations org-openide-util-enumerations.jar
^ ^ ^ core.ide org-netbeans-core-ide.jar
^ ^ ^ defaults org-netbeans-modules-defaults.jar
^ ^ ^ settings org-netbeans-modules-settings.jar
Templates - jrechtacek templates org-netbeans-modules-templates.jar
Launchers&CLI - t_h sendopts org-netbeans-modules-sendopts.jar
^ ^ ^ o.n.bootstrap boot.jar
Documentation core/documentation
gwielenga - documentation bugs
JDK Problems core/AWT/Swing
issues@platform known problems with JDK that needs a workaround or should be reported to JDK team
Our awt/swing problems should be reported directly to guilty subcomponent. More general issues to Window System
www core/www
gwielenga - bugs about the web pages, tutorials, etc. at

  • New subcomponents outside of platform
New component/subcomponent Old subcomponent default owner comment
ide/Import Settings core/upgrade jskrivanek Import Settings during first start of IDE
contrib/looks openide/looks phrebejk obsolete
IZ subcomponent created, bugs moved
contrib/registry openide/registry jskrivanek obsolete
terminalemulator/code core/terminal emulator ivan IZ component/subcomponent exist


  • number of subcomponents
Old New
Openide 24 -
Core 23 -
Platform 1(www) 28(-www)
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